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If you are completely happy and carefree about being pregnant, you probably wona€™t be holding this book but will be off painting the nursery and choosing a pram. If you do read this book, the hope is that it will answer your questions clearly, and help to ease any anxiety so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and feel more confident as a new parent. If you choose "trackable", we will be able to guarantee delivery and replacement if the book is lost during the delivery process. If you are still reading this, then like many prospective parents there will be questions that you want answers to.

So, if you do have any questions, what you want to know is a€?how will this affect my baby?a€™ and not just now, but also in the long term.
As such we can guarantee it is sent, and provide proof of your book being sent, but cannot guarantee delivery. Sometimes you will feel that these questions are too silly to bother the doctor or midwife.
The book covers normal and abnormal pregnancies, antenatal testing, delivery, what to expect from newborn babies, prematurity, neonatal care and other issues such as sleep, immunisations and the crying baby.

This book has been built around exactly those questions, asked by friends at parties or parents at the school gates who did not want to bother their doctor or midwife.

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