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Microsoft worked with advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH London) in the creation of the campaign. Director Daniel Kleinman, at the time working with production company Spectre, London, worked with producer Johnnie Frankel, director of photography Ivan Bird, and set designer John Bramble. Post Production was done at Framestore CFC, London, with producer Helen MacKenzie and post coordinator Rebecca Barbour. Seven actors, ranging in age from 9 months to 65 years old, were recruited for the 60 second ad. Art Directors Club of Europe Awards, 2003 Overall Grand Prix and Gold Winner for Cinema Commercials. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film.
As soon as we found out we were having a boy, we knew just what he would look like, act like, talk like, and dress like. On December 14, 2010 we went into the OBGYN for a check up, and found out my wife’s blood pressure was a little high. Sometimes I get scared and I think that God is going do something like that to me since I’m a communicator.
As we dined on ten-dollar enchiladas, our little Noah was just hanging out in his mother’s womb waiting to come out and meet us. There was a very uncomfortable couch in our room which I claimed as my home base for the day. After 12 hours of labor (and waiting!) our OBGYN came in and said that we had options; 1) Keep trying for another twelve hours, (or longer) or 2) perform a C-section.
After 12 hours of labor, and not knowing for certain if another 12 hours would result in a baby boy, we opted for option number two. I couldn’t believe my wife and I were finally about to meet this little boy we had waited so long to meet. After what seemed like an entirety a nurse came and got me and brought me back to where they were performing the C-section.
They took Noah out to weigh him, and I asked if I could come with them and take a picture of Noah on the scale. The nurse took my camera and snapped a few pictures of Noah on the scale, and said she would have Noah up in our room with us in about an hour!
I took my father and mother in law in one at a time in to see their daughter in the post-op room. As my wife’s medicine was wearing off she was shaking and acting funny, and it scared me. They wheeled Abbie past the nursery (very, very quickly) so she could look her little boy again, on the way to her hospital room.
Normally the nurse in the newborn nursery will hold the baby to the window for a few minutes so the new mom can spend some time looking at their sweet little baby before going to her recovery room. After an hour had gone by and our son still hadn’t been brought into our room I started to become very impatient. After two hours of waiting my wife called the nurses station and was told everything was ok, and they would be bringing Noah in soon.
At a few minutes past ten pm our pediatrician  (who was a friend and former co-worker of my wife’s during her medical residency) walked through the door, sat down, hugged Abbie, and asked me if I wanted to come over and sit near Abbie.
I was sitting next to my mom on the couch, exhausted, and just wanted to see our precious little boy. There is nothing I could have ever done to be prepared for the words that would come out of her mouth in next 180 seconds…. Our family excused their self from the room, and we sat there with our pediatrician on that small hospital bed in silence. Our pediatrician sat there with us for a little while longer, and told us a few things about what to expect, and what the next steps were. She went on to say she had listened to his heart (which is a major medical concern for a baby born with Down Syndrome) and didn’t hear anything wrong with it. Finally, she asked if we had any other questions (we had a million, but what we really wanted to do is just see our little boy.) and told us they would be brining Noah in to see us = shortly. It is interesting to note that we later learned that this was the reason they rushed Abbie to her room without getting to get a good look at her baby in the nursery, and hadn’t brought him to the room yet.
All of the whispering in the post-op room was the hospital staff trying to figure out how to contact our pediatrician this late on a Wednesday evening.

They wanted us to see the pediatrician, and for her to tell us Noah was born with Down syndrome, before we saw our son up close and personal.
Our pediatrician hugged Abbie once last time, slowly got up off the bed, hugged me and walked out the door. And through that door walked a nurse pushing a small, rolling, clear plastic crib with our son quietly (and cutely) resting inside.
I later learned that my wife had told herself that no matter what, she would be smiling (not crying) the first time she held her baby. There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling a parent has the first time they hold their new-born baby. I could write forever about that first night, but I think you probably have an idea of how it went. We are doing something really unique by telling the story of our son’s life via one-minute, daily videos. Beyonce’s VIP hospital suite, where baby Blue Ivy Carter came into the world, looks like the penthouse in a five-star hotel, having four flat-screen TVs, a kitchenette and posh furniture.
Apparently the newly constructed VIP suite at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York wasn’t built especially for Beyonce and Jay-Z- contrary to previous reports that alleged the couple paid to have the area customized for their use. The posh interior includes a living room area complete with a plush cream, three-piece suite, a coffee table and matching lamp.
The room also features a kitchenette with a sink, a microwave and a shelf-full of coffee cups, meaning that the singer and her family could make themselves quick hot snacks. There is also a single bed especially for the father-to-be or another family member to rest while waiting for the baby to arrive. Like everything else connected with the birth of baby Blue Ivy Carter, this is yet more proof that the birth of the hip-hop princess was a lavish affair. Beyonce, Jay-Z and baby Blue Ivy were said to have been followed by a cavalcade of cars through the darkness. Beyonce bought the van a couple of months ago, apparently in readiness for the birth, swapping her luxurious Maybach for the souped up motor. In true superstar style the 30-year-old has pimped her ride to the max and spent a whopping $1 million kitting out the Mercedes vehicle. It has an engine big enough to power a large lorry – but has the soft drive of a limousine.
Beyonce requested hand stitched Italian leather seats be installed in cream with chestnut lining. To make sure she doesn’t ever have to stop at a service station Beyonce has a full bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. No doubt the couple was being transported to their luxurious Tribeca penthouse apartment in New York so they could settle into her new home. They also had their own private security force working an area alongside hospital security already at Lenox Hill Hospital.
The extraordinary lengths for privacy led to other parents bitterly complaining that the intense measures had made other new parents miss out on precious moments with their own newborns. The campaign introduced potential gamers to the philosophy of XBox gaming, “Life is short. Kleinman later merged Spectre with Stark Films to form a new company, Large, later re-named Kleinman Productions. The ad was eventually banned from UK televisions in June 2002 after complaints to the Independent Television Commission about the violence of the sequence.
The threatened lawsuit itself and its resolution don’t appear to have hit the news anywhere. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun it was going to be to raise a child, especially with my wonderful wife.
Baby showers, parties, getting the nursery ready, (We even painted it ourselves!) reading the mommy bargain books, and of course picking out the cutest new-born outfits on the planet! Noah was 36 weeks old at this point, and the OBGYN said she wanted us to come in first thing the next morning to induce labor.
We spent the next twelve hours napping, reading, watching daytime talk shows on the tv, (is it just me, or does it seem like every hospital room in America plays Montel Williams and Maury Povich on repeat all day long?) and playing some games on the iPad. It was when my wife was out of the room, and I was all-alone in the room where we had been all day.
Thankfully they had a curtain up that allowed me to only to see my beautiful wife’s face.

I was  in love with him the second saw those 2 lines on that plastic stick, but seeing him for the first time, looking into those big beautiful blue eyes of his for the first time, was more than I could handle. As the nurse and I wheeled Noah down the hallway to the nursery, we passed the waiting room where our family had been waiting.
I remember stepping out into the hall way with my father in law (my father had passed away a few years prior) grabbing him, and the two of us just weeping together. Loudly. It was always when my wife (his daughter) had to leave their house (out-of-state) after a vacation or holiday to head back home. I just kept thinking to myself how strange it was that God just allowed us to have a this beautiful baby boy, yet everyone was acting so sad. The Posh Tots Carriage Fantasy Crib is made of solid cedar and birch and comes complete with a rear luggage rack which doubles as a changing table. Background plates were shot during helicopter flights over Essex – providing a 360 degree panorama for editors to work with. Once we got home I’m pretty sure I stayed up the entire night thinking about how awesome it was going to be to finally get to meet our little Noah!
Before I could even pack up my iPad my wife was wheeled back to the delivery room, and I was dressed in a pair of light blue scrubs. The doctors and nurses were whispering to each other, which I assumed was standard end-of-delivery-water-cooler-talk.
In fact, I think I may have actually strained my finger from pressing the shutter on my camera so many times! The nurses were huddled up in our post-op room whispering with more water-cooler talk, and finally our OBGYN came in. By this point friends that had stopped by had left, Abbie was completely exhausted, and all we wanted to do was hold our little boy. Your continued use of this site beyond the first page displayed is an acceptance of our terms and conditions. If my wife was going to be like the wives in all the movies I had always seen where the wife’s are screaming and cursing the entire time. The doctor and nurses were talking to about my thoughts on social media and teenagers while they were pulling Noah out of Abbie.
Everyone was crammed into our little hospital  room just waiting for little baby Noah to make his grand entrance. Your story was so similar to ours that I just wept the entire time I read it..Thank you again for sharing your experience!
For the final impact a dummy was repeatedly fired into a carefully dressed grave specially dug in Palewell Common in East Sheen, London.
She palmed his little head like a basketball, and lifted him above the sheet, and at 6:15 on December 15, 2010, I saw our beautiful son, Noah David Smith, for the first time. There are no words to describe how it sounded, and I hope I never have to hear a sound like that again. On my first visit she said that the baby movements are fast which shows baby is very healthy. After first two scans my doctor told me that she is shifting to the other branch of the hospital so I must go to some other doctor of the hospital. I went to another doctor( my previous doctor spoke to her about me) When I went to her she was confused and told me the dr. My baby was unable to pass stool and was vomitting on 5th day when I went to the hospital the dr.
I knew a little about it but it was very scary whatever I know.From that day I am searching the net which increased my stress.
I am following therapies sessions of Noah because there is no help like this in my country. My request to you is kindly put therapies in order like First month , second month and third month therapies and so on .

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