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Yesterday a man was pulled over and charged for driving in the carpool lane in Washington State near Tacoma with a fake zombie baby in the front passenger seat, trying to cheat the HOV lane. Police cited the driver for $136 for illegally driving in the HOV lane but gave the driver a break for not having the baby in a car seat. Based in California, Claire is a mom of two, has flown a plane and takes care of ten pets including an Englishman. Using the head shape yo just drew in step one, you will begin sketching out the actual structure of Sandy's face and head. Continue to draw out Sandy's body which is pretty easy because she is wearing such a big and bulky suit. Draw out her squirrel tail, and then sketch in all the detailing lines that is normally on her water suit. My brother and I came up with the idea to do a lesson on "how to draw zombie Sandy", step by step.

This should include her jaw exposed mouth and make some gashes along the left side of her face. You will draw out the globe shaped head glass, and look how big that hole in on her helmet. This includes the lines on the sleeves, and then draw in the zipper and patch on the right part of the chest.
I hope yo love this lesson on drawing a zombie version of Sandy Cheeks as much as I did making her. At first I was going to do a Squidward version of a zombie, but then I thought that I could make Sandy look like one cool scary walking dead figure.
This means zombie Sandy is walking along the bottom of the ocean with water in her zombie lungs. The hand is missing a bog chunk of tissue like you see here, as well as the bottom of her stomach.

As you can see they too are damaged which means you will need to draw in more rips, tears, and bites.
As you know Sandy is one of the characters that is not scared of anything and likes to tackle everything. Draw in the torn up flower on her helmet, and then draw in the metal rim around the neck of the suit.
She will not back down from any fight, task, or struggle and if she gets hurt in the end, so be it. I can’t tell you how much fun I had making this zombie version on one of the most popular characters from the Spongebob franchise.

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