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If you missed the announcement on my Facebook page, we are so very excited to announce that we are having a baby girl!!! Phillip had me convinced it would be another boy, which I was perfectly okay with because I LOVE being a mom to boys. I have been collecting and making little girly things for a few years now in hopes of someday having a daughter, adding them to the little dresses my mom had saved from when I was a baby. I am so thankful for bloggers like Sarah Bessey and Lisa-Jo Baker who have written so many beautiful and challenging posts on raising daughters. For those of you who have daughters, what words of  advice or encouragement can you share with me as I prepare for this new path of motherhood?

It also sounds like you have already started looking at how to address those challenging times. No words of wisdom from this boy-mom-who-is-terrified-to-ever-have-a-girl, but I know God is so gracious, so much bigger than your insecurities!
But as it got closer to the time for us to find out, I really started wanting a girl and I knew Jack and Aidan really wanted a sister. There are so many things I am still learning, insecurities I still struggle with, and areas of my life I am continually working on, that I’m not sure if I am ready (or will ever feel ready) to raise up a strong and godly young woman.
Attitude is everything and that can become a challenge in the teen years but my daughter has done a much better job than I did at insisting on respect.

But I know that His strength is made perfect in my weakness, and that my daughter is His daughter and that He will equip me to raise her for His glory.

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