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A Colorado high school teacher sexually assaulted a 17-year-old boy and had his baby while acting as the boy's legal guardian, authorities said.
Rhonda Eisenberg, 44, a Spanish teacher at Greeley High School, admitted to having sex with the boy "multiple times" while he lived with her in 2010, the Greeley Tribune reported. She was arrested on Friday after a tipster told police that her 2-year-old baby was fathered by the boy. Eisenberg, who taught Spanish at middle schools and high schools in northern Colorado since 1991, had guardianship over the boy because his parents lived in Mexico at the time. Authorities wouldn't name him because he was a minor at the time, and didn?t say where he was living. Eisenberg was charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child, and could face up to 12 years in prison. The 23-year-old is due to give birth to the Czech Republic’s first ever set of quins tomorrow.
TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-old Alexandra Kinova is pregnant with the Czech Republic’s first set of naturally conceived quintuplets.

She is to due to give birth to her five babies by Caesarean section tomorrow at a hospital in Prague.
Kinova, who already has one son, defied odds of around one in 60 million by becoming pregnant with five babies without the use of IVF treatment. The gorilla’s death received extensive media coverage worldwide; the deaths of the 1000 migrants, much less so, writes a dismayed Julien Mercille. Here is my list of 'things that are without doubt, totally and utterly acceptable in the first year of having a baby!' (a few pointers directed at mums, because that's the bit I know!). I got the article from link which gave the wrong descrpition but then retracked the piece to the original article, which did not say anything except a high school teacher having baby with a Mexican boy, and she was White or American, but make sense why she is Jewish afterall.
It has been the hardest, most tiring, nerve wracking and wonderful year, and if I'm totally honest has changed my outlook on life forever and shed some light on my previous judgements of other peoples' lives and choices (which I didn't even realise I had!). Develop an extreme hatred for anyone who parks in a 'parent and child space' with NO baby or, anyone who uses a lift through sheer laziness – parents with prams have NO CHOICE ARSEH**S! Look forward to your day off when you can lie in for as long as you like - in 18 years time!

Fill the whole of your phone memory with photos of your baby then curse at the fact there was no storage and you missed documenting your baby's first hiccup. Try and send telepathic messages to will your little one to lie back down and just sleep for another 20 minutes when they wake up ready for the day at 5am. Feel a ridiculous surge of protection when another little 'angel' snatches the one toy your little one had plucked up the courage to look at. Unless we're talking 'boobs' - you might very well be popping those out all over the place!

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