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Dax Shepard and wife Kristen Bell have their hands full with daughters Lincoln Shepard, 3, and Delta Shepard, 17 months. So when Jimmy Kimmel asked Shepard, 41, on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Wednesday if he and Bell, 35, planned to have more children, the "Parenthood" star had a ready response.
January 14, 2016 by watkinsT Leave a Comment Terricka Cromartie is pregnant, expecting twins with her New York Jets star husband Antonio Cromartie. Terricka discovered she was pregnant last October after going to the emergency room for bad cramps. 10 Celebrities Who Were Conceived By Rape or Bore a Child Out of RapeRape is a tragedy no person should have to endure. Had AF on Dec 3 for 2 days (pretty light) I normally have O symptoms (cramping,EWCM) regularly however I didn't really notice them. Cd 28- I woke up, no period, no symptoms of nothing, and decided to use morning pee bc I didn't do that on that Tuesday. Now that I am one week away from being in my second trimester I look back at what infertility done to me and how it tore my dh apart to. I am 10 weeks pregnant now but wanted to share my story for anyone who finds herself in my situation. I did not test the next day exactly two weeks after the procedure, I just figured I would wait for AF. My parter had his vasectomy reversed after 8 years, he had the op in sept 14 and here we are pregnant in Jan 15.
My first symptom, maybe only 2dpo was both of my breast leaked a very small amount of clear liquid.. He has ten other children, two with Terricka and eight others from previous relationships, so this family has got their hands full. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One lucky reader will be able to win this adorable “Love Is a Beagle Hug” figurine by Jim Shore. And when the sexual … keep reading6 Celebrity Mom Bloggers Looking for Contributors for Their WebsiteIf you're looking to gain more exposure for your blog, or bring in … keep reading8 Celebrity Moms Who Own Companies That May Be HiringHave you ever dreamed of working for a well-known celebrity? I was silly to do this but I told myself that it will be ok (So I thought I did) Took at prego test that afternoon and BPN!
I was over it this month and decided I was going to wait till after the first of the year to even think about trying again after that meltdown I had. My husband got home from traveling for work for a while and well, we were happy to see each other. Yesterday I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks and saw my little baby and heard the heartbeat.

It's still REALLY, really early (11DPO is my guess), but I've gotten positives on two different brands of tests (discussed below) testing yesterday twice and today once. I still look at my bfp test that i have in a picture and think about how much i just needed to see that. TTC is a long road, it is hard, it is tough, it is sad, it is lonely but it builds character and strength. Husband had a vasectomy after our second was born and then reversed it five years later and we had our third who is almost 4.
People would tell me just stop pushing it so hard and it will happen., I dont believe that still to this day. 7DPIUI I was eating lunch and had very strong cramping that I had to move around to try to get relief, that never came. I looked at the control line and saw it popped up and started crying with joy, then I quickly laughed at myself when I realized I was only looking at the control line. I added a natural progesterone cream application after O was confirmed because during my luteal phase I would always get a massive temp dip around 6dpo, and I was worried my progesterone was low.
I feel like God knew when it was going to be our turn but I needed to meet certain people ( fertility clinic) to get us where we are today. I am still praying for a healthy pregnancy throughout but now and forever all the praise and glory is to God for answering my prayer! I figured I was out but my boobs have been hurting bad and my hips have really been bothering me so I went to the store and bought a few cheap tests. I was sick of the meltdowns every month and sick of people looking at me like they are sad for me. When I looked at a calendar I realized there was no way it could be so soon after my previous one.
Geeze, there was nothing I wouldn't do to make this happen while still in the back of my head i had all the doubt in the world. Started charting temperatures because I was a little concerned that I could get pregnant if I ovulated early. I thought we did everything right, and I thought to myself that I couldn't possibly keep this kind of sex life going for much longer. But everything I read said it happened between 6-12 days after ovulation and that the spotting would only last 1-3 days at the most.
After 2 months with my regular OB I was frustrated and decided to see a specialist in June, 2015.
A friend had told me last month that he loved all my kids and any other kids God may bless us with.
I was beginning to get frustrated with temping because I read every little bit into the slightest temperature shift, and I decided that next month, after O, I would stop temping until AF came to save my sanity.

I left to go to school and picked up another test on the way and took it in the bathroom in my First Grade classroom. It took about 5 minutes but a faint line popped up and got slightly darker at the 10 minute mark.
I asked him why he said that and he said maybe Jesus laid it on his heart and here we are a month later! I also took my temperature a few days in the second part of TWW and noticed it was very high. Our 1st try with a fresh 5day old blastocyst grown in the lab made it to 6 weeks with some medication assistance.
Of course, insurance wont cover anything to do with conceiving but will pay 100% on birth control! By Sunday (9DPO) I was still very lightly spotting and my husband mentioned how he had noticed our dog's odd behavior towards me (extremely clingy, following me everywhere, laying his head on my torso, ect.).
I started temping daily at 12DPIUI when my temp usually starts dropping if AF comes and it still remained high.
I believe the test results are accurate after 3 minutes but I was so sure it would be negative I didn't realize the time had passed until about the 5 minute mark.
I didn't want to test because I hate POAS and seeing BFN, but DH was going out of town and he wanted to be there. I was discouraged but did not cry as much as I usually do, I had faith because my temps were still high. BUT 1 hour ago got the news that our 3rd FET after a 2ww was bloody positive & bloody fantastic. I ran out to the store to get a digital test which then confirmed with the word Pregnant that I was indeed knocked up. I went sent for a blood test that afternoon and a repeat a few days later, both further confirming my pregnant status. An 8 week ultrasound showed a tiny baby with a strong heartbeat, right on schedule for his or her estimated July due date. I just want other ladies out there to know that implantation spotting, if it happens to you, does not always fit into the nice little box many websites make it out to be. I had spotting as early as the afternoon of 5DPO which lasted 6 days and zero pregnancy symptoms until about 2 weeks after my positive test.
Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different so don't be fooled into thinking your experience isn't normal or "can't happen".

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