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Take a trip back in time to Berlin in the 1920s and enjoy this interesting political and cultural moment. Learn tips and tricks on how to look fabulous in Second Life without burning a hole in your pocket. So here I am, almost done with my second trimester and I feel like I have SO much to share that I have been a bit overwhelmed to sit down and actually write.

Starting at 12 weeks I took official “belly pictures” to make an album later, but I included how I’m feeling, cravings and any big things that happened so this post is basically a picture dump. And that brings us to where we are now, 24 weeks!  I’m going to try to post these weekly or bi-weekly from here on out… But it feels good to get caught up! This entry was posted in Baby, Pregnancy, Second Trimester and tagged baby, pregnancy, second trimester.

I am a wife, blogger, horse trainer, amateur runner, passable cook, photography buff, DIY enthusiast and wanna-be home decorator.

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