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I got so much work done at work this week, I finished the 12 extra stories I was trying to get ahead on for maternity leave and now I feel like I’m more relaxed and ready. Our bags are packed, your daddy and I will put your car seat in hopefully Monday, the same day the cleaners come over and the same day Snoop is getting cleaned up at the groomers. Don’t worry, I’m bringing cute stuff for you to wear too, hats and blankets and bows!
Wow I can’t believe that when I started reading your blog you were just trying to get pregnant and now look your only a few weeks or days away from holding that bundle of joy in your arms!!! I think it’s so neat you’re still able to wear the same shirt for your belly pics!
My hospital had a special team of experts dedicated to it and it was mandatory that somebody from the team go with you to check out the car seat before you could leave or take off the baby’s security cuff. You have reached your API request limit, consider adjusting your cache timeout value in your administration. Most women in the final weeks of pregnancy are counting down the days until they will meet their bundle of joy - and get their own body back.

Tara, who has four children of her own, has already acted as a surrogate mother for three babies. I have just been feeling different lately, it’s hard to explain, it just feels like things are revving up for your big day.
You always stop when I get the camera out so I bought an app for my iPhone so I now have video capabilities!
I kind of hope they are gray-looking cause then they can change to one of many colors, and I think you would look so cute with your daddy’s eyes. I’ve never really known anyone to go longer than a week once their mucus plug came out. I was lucky to have captured an enormous kick from my son on video and it still craks me up – it was like a PUNCH.
Off the air, I'm a full-time wife and mother documenting my life in extraordinary ways, and inspiring others to do the same. The 37-year-old last gave birth in January and is hoping to be pregnant with yet another couple's baby by the end of the year.

Also… This is a little icky (TMI ALERT!), but the mucus plug that blocks you from the outside world, so to speak, came out today! One of the best parts of pregnancy in my opinion (except when it hurt, which it did, often, with my son). This is the space where I share my journey in making beautiful memories with my beautiful babies.
Look towards my belly button and you can see your elbow or shoulder or something moving around.

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