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Where Should I Give Birth?Picturing where you'll give birth isn't exactly something most women dream of years in advance.
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When the going gets tough, follow these tips to help your marriage during the stressful newborn months. Sign up for our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice and information on all things parenting. July 26, 2009 by admin Are you expecting a baby but can’t wait until the fifth month to find out if it’s a boy or a girl? I think that all of us mothers wonder about the baby’s gender when we first learn we are pregnant. There are a lot of methods to find out (or at least try to) if you are having a boy or a girl. There are old methods such as tables and mathematical formulas, and more modern methods such as the ultrasound. If you got pregnant in March (month 3) and you are 26 years 3 + 26 = 29 The result is odd, girl.
Did you wait to find out your babya€™s sex?  Would you?  If you didna€™t wait to find out, how did you reveal the sex to your family and friends? This is lame, but I think I will wait to find out for baby #3…I need to know what Baby #2 is (when I get pregnant!) for logistical reasons!
I was a little irritated at how many family members and friends actually got UPSET when we didn’t find out.
So, obviously, I clicked over to see more photos of Henry and, um… the photo of him yawning? Caitlin still somehow managed to decorate Henry’s nursery (beautifully, might I add) without knowing he was a boy!
We found out for out little girl and I do think it helped visualizing her, but I would love to wait to find out when we are ready for baby #2, but my husband has already told me there is no way he has the patience to wait. I’m completely with you on the not wanting to form such specific gender associations. The bf and I both discussed this topic for when we have kids and we both want to know ahead of time.
It is sad that by the time the kid is old enough to be engendered, everything is even more gendered!
Also, it was still a wonderful surprise…just a little earlier than it would have been to wait! My cousin had a baby boy a few days after you did and they decided not to find out and it was a great surprise for us all. The Chinese gender predictor has been 100% accurate for me…even for my adoptive children…strange how that works right?
I just want to add that we found out our baby’s gender at the ultrasound, but I think the more important gender stereotyping comes later.

My husband is getting his PhD in psychology – so this topic is fascinating and comes up often!
I would agree too that it’s really helped with not over buying for baby because there are so many cute boy and girl clothes but when you are forced to buy neutral I find that I have bought hardly anything.
I am curious to see what others are predicting and am hosting a baby pool survey where everyone can guess when they will arrive and what sex they will be. The heartbeat has been around 145 bpm throughout the whole pregnancy, the chinese prediction says boy, had no morning sickness and have had clear skin so far.
Love the idea of waiting to find out the sex, makes the day of labor that much more exciting.
We have 3 children (all teenagers now!) and we didn’t find out gender with any of them.
And while I do just want a healthy human, I do have a preference for what I want my first to be. Explore whether you would like your baby to be born in a hospital, birthing center, or at home.
Get shopping and safety tips for choosing a bassinet, play yard, or other crib alternative that will fit in your bedroom, per AAP guidelines. However, unless the pregnancy is high risk and special tests such as an amniocentesis are necessary, a mother will only know for sure if it is a boy or girl until she holds her baby in her arms (ultrasound results have been wrong sometimes). At first I thought that I would want to know for buying purposes, but I think it would be more fun to be surprised! I really wanted to know and could not stand it if someone else knew (the Dr always knows since there are different premie issues). I knew you were having a boy as soon as you mentioned the baby’s HR way back at the beginning of the pregnancy, I learned 140+ meant boy – think high energy! I have always thought I would want to know the sex of my baby so I could better emotionally connect, but honestly your approach to not assigning a gender to the baby prematurely is something I respect so much.
We also waited to find out the sex of our baby (a boy!) and I have never regretted that decision. It may have made it easier for them to buy us things (but we didn’t want pink girl things or blue boy things anyway), but why did they care so much?! I also would take advantage of not knowing to minimize (or at least delay) being given gender-specific items for baby. My husband and i aren’t having kids but i get excited for my friends when they are and that’s usually the first question i ask them! The way you treat your fetus in the womb has much less of an effect on the way they develop than they way you treat them as a baby and toddler. We were typically the only couple in childbirth class who made that choice (and we took the class 3 times). I especially love the entire family ones ~ in the nursery ~ James stretched out…and Maggie close by ahhhhh!!! We filled one cart with girls things, one with boys things, and the store held them both until I gave birth, when my mom went to pick up the right items.

Get recommendations from friends, visit the places you're considering, and check with your insurance plan to confirm your coverage early on in your pregnancy.
But that does not mean we do not have the curiosity to know the gender, even if it’s only to know if we should paint the room blue or pink. And it doesn’t seem like you had too much trouble emotionally connected, and even if you did it seems like none of that matters now! We didn’t do anything special with annoucing the sex, but we did when we annouced we were expecting. My parents waited for me (I’m the oldest) and found out when they had my brother, so I could see that happening in our case, too. I always get frustrated because i love baby shopping and it makes it easier knowing pink or blue. I think that is important in allowing the baby to grow into who they are without pushing society norms right off the bat. With babies 2 and 3 it would have made a lot of things easier if we had chosen to find out ahead of time. By the 3rd kid, our boy cart was full and the girl one was practically empty cause we had so much from our other girls. Clear skin is from a boy as you’re not getting a double dose of estrogen, same goes for lack of morning sickness. Consider my mind changed (although it’s probably going to be several years until this is even something I have to think about). Refusing to dress a girl in pink is kind of the same as only dressing a girl in pink, you know? Also, I really hate going to baby showers when people know the sex, because EVERYTHING is pink or blue. I always wanted the surprise at the end and, like you, used it as motivation during the home stretch.
As these indicators unwound over your pregnancy I was sure you would have a boy – I have 2.
She then took the envelope to the store and asked the lady to open the envelope (after she left) and fill the box she brought in with balloons (blue or pink) and seal the box. Blue balloons flew out and everyone was surprised – her oldest was actually upset because he wanted a sister. In the event we found the gender ahead of time and it turned out to be incorrect, I did not want my baby to experience anything that felt like parental disappointment in his or her first moments of life.

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