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Apps are a great way of keeping pertinent, must have information easily stored in one location. So it’s no surprise that charting while trying to get (or avoid being) pregnant is also made easier courtesy of your phone. If you’ve started to chart or want to, and your phone is your sidekick, these apps are a simple and effective way to keep track of what your body is doing. An app designed from their great site Fertility Friend, this shows both a calendar and chart of temps, along with tracking times for accuracy. Stress tips, a calendar of your cycle, along with entering a "wanted" due date to see what days you might want to get busy on.

Just like their site and book, this app gives you the ability to track your cycle, connect with other moms, and read articles about fertility right from your phone. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Fertility chart gallery, bbt ovulation charts, Fertility gallery at mymonhlycycles where you can share and discuss your basal body temperature (bbt) charts, daily fertility signs including cervical mucus changes. They take temps and times, turning it all into an easy to read chart, offering message boards, and showing color coded calendars to know just when you’re the most fertile that month. This app links to their site for easy use on phone or computer and offers a VIP membership for more features.

This calculator takes your cycle length and then lets you know your most likely fertile days along with a corresponding due date for 5 months in advance. Charting is made easy with spin numbers, a place for notes, OPK results, and Ask An Expert features.
Benefit from accurate ovulation prediction, automatic ovulation detection, BBT chart pattern analysis and an extensive set of features on the web site.

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