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How print calendar online free, How to make and print your own calendar online for free. Calendar day - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A calendar day is any day of the week, including weekends. The Calendar provides a quick overview of the status of your fertility, identifying fertile and infertile days using color coding which you can customize. Cycle events can be forecasted into the future and shown on the calendar using your own cycle history, not population-wide averages. The Fertility Advisor explains your current fertility, what you should be doing, and what is happening in your body on a day-to-day basis in plain language.

The Fertility Planner shows your relative fertility and conception chances on each day you engage in intercourse in a cycle.
Every woman is unique and TCOYF recognizes that, providing you great control over how your fertility signs are interpreted by way of the Preferences window. The Override Calculations window lets you override the program's estimates for the start of pre-ovulation fertility, ovulation, and whether or not a cycle should be included or excluded from your statistical history. The WebCharts Publishing Wizard lets you post your fertility charts directly to our website (or that of one of our partners) so you can share this information with other trying-to-conceive women, your family, friends, or healthcare provider.
The Internet Assistance window lets you request free technical assistance directly from TCOYF support staff.

In addition to having WebCharts and the displayed Chart, you can print out a detailed fertility chart to share with your healthcare provider or to keep on file.
The Detail report lets you print out all of your fertility information for an entire cycle, including any notes you may have recorded. Note that the chart background colors are user-defined (within the Preferences window), so if you don't like the ones we use, you can set them to whatever you prefer.

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