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San Diego Fertility Clinic Is Patient-Friendly With An Experienced & Professional Staff. We see many patients referred by physician colleagues at Scripps Clinic and Scripps Health. During your first appointment, your practitioner will ask you questions about all aspects of your medical history and current health. Based on this diagnosis, your practitioner will then give you suggestions about diet and exercise, and will probably recommend a series of acupuncture treatments. Depending on your diagnosis (and your age), we may ask you to actively not try to conceive for these first few months.
We may ask you to keep track of your basal body temperature from the beginning of your treatment with us. While we like to begin seeing you as early in your fertility journey as possible, there are times when women call us just before an embryo transfer. After the celebration, we then closely monitor you for any signs that the pregnancy may be fragile. Rakoff is a second-generation fertility specialist with over 30 years of experience as a leader in the field of infertility. We also serve patients from other areas in San Diego, Southern California and around the world.
This language is able to take into account various physical symptoms and states of mind that may point to what is getting in the way of having a healthy pregnancy.
Whether you are using Western or Chinese medicine, there are no guarantees of success, and your chances of having a child decrease with age.
She will likely create a customized herbal formula for you that addresses your most pressing issues.

This time off allows us to use herbal medicines in order to move blockages (like endometriosis) and to restore healthy, fresh blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.
This helps us have a better understanding of your diagnosis, and also helps you understand how your particular menstrual cycle is performing. Your practitioner may also recommend supplements such as prenatal vitamins, omega 3 oils, and others which can be purchased through us or elsewhere. Acupuncture has been shown to be safe and effective for a myriad of pregnancy-related complaints including: morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, back pain, breech presentation and delayed labor. Jeff Rakoff was one of Southern California’s first fertility specialists and was responsible for San Diego’s first IVF baby as well as its first set of IVF twins! We provide comprehensive fertility testing and a full range of fertility treatments, the most common being IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment.
Once we make a diagnosis, we then offer acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary suggestions and various exercises that will help nourish the reproductive system, remove blockages and balance hormones. Whether you are just beginning to think about starting a family or have already begun assisted reproductive technologies, Chinese Medicine may be able to strengthen your reproductive health and manage the emotional stress of trying to conceive. Often there are very real physical and emotional factors contributing to a couple’s difficulty conceiving.
Based on all of this information, she will begin to construct a Chinese Medical diagnosis that may explain what may be causing your fertility challenges, as well as link together many of your seemingly unrelated symptoms. This formula may change over time, and she may prescribe different formulas for different phases of your menstrual cycle. However, if you are trying to get pregnant on your own, we generally recommend that a woman plan to be in treatment 6-12 months. It also gives the couple a respite period from the emotional stress of trying to predict ovulation and then waiting for that test result. However, it may be possible for you to be seen 1-2 times per month in our community clinic, where fees are based on a sliding scale.
During the suppression phase, we simply try to regulate the qi (energy), nourish the reproductive system and calm stress as much as possible. If those levels are not rising as they should, we can offer treatments that may help stimulate the hormonal response.

He began his career in infertility at the Scripps Clinic but moved to the San Diego Fertility Clinic in 2009 where he continues providing his patients with quality fertility services & more successful pregnancy rates than ever before. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and take the first step, there’s no risk and it’s free! We are aware of the possible need for emotional support that may occur during this process.
For example, if a woman is having trouble conceiving due to endometriosis, we not only treat the endometriosis, but we also treat the cause of the endometriosis as defined by our individualized diagnosis. That said, our patients report an overall increased sense of well-being, more regulated menstrual cycles, less anxiety and fewer side effects to fertility treatments. The first three months is often spent regulating the menstrual cycle, and during this time we usually will want to see you weekly. This is especially true for visits after ovulation and when your herbal therapy has been well-established. Once the stimulating agents are begun, we use acupuncture and sometimes herbs to both enhance the response to the drugs by the ovaries and to mediate any side effects you may have. If you experience cramping or spotting, we will immediately apply treatment to address these symptoms and try to prevent miscarriage.
Referrals for counseling (San Diego Counseling) and for acupuncture (Reproductive Wellness) are readily available to interested patients. In this way, our goal is not only to help you have a child, but to bring your overall health into better balance.
Your practitioner can discuss your personal strengths, challenges and expected course of treatment at your first visit.
During this time, we often only see you 2-3 times per month, with the timing dependent on your diagnosis. Once the pregnancy is stable, we like to see you once each trimester, just to maintain overall balance and support a healthy and happy baby.

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