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As the number of deaths and cases caused by Ebola rapidly rises, lots of myths and misleading information are circulating across continents, sowing panic and alarm.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the first outbreaks occurred in remote villages in Central Africa near tropical rainforests.
Christmas season is fast approaching and lots of overseas Filipino workers are expected to come home for vacation.
Just because our country is still Ebola-free, it doesn’t mean we have any excuses to say that there really is nothing to prepare for, especially now that we all know that Ebola can be transmitted from human to human. We Filipino youth should know about all of these not only because we comprise most of our country’s population, but also we are the ones who often spend time online. With courage in these simple efforts, we can help raise awareness, enlighten minds, and take steps in saving not only ourselves but many other people as well. Patrisha is a student of De La Salle University - Manila currently taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. Proof: when people that are allergic to aspirin eat such foods, they get a similar reaction as when they take aspirin. Perhaps daily low-dose aspirin in our food will also help us to prevent some health problems. Salicylates have anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect - preventing blood coagulation and thrombosis, inflammation and relieves pain. A former bodybuilding star from New Zealand wanted to build muscles fast and he started to use steroids .
Few things strike more fear into the hearts of final year students and their parents than college admissions.Unfortunately, more often than not, these fears are derived from a lack of knowledge or a misunderstanding of the facts, leading to unnecessary stress and poor decision-making. US News and World Report rank colleges based on a wide range of generally relevant quantitative data such as freshman retention rate, graduation rates, spending per student, selectivity of admissions and alumni giving rates.
US News & World Report is a privately run magazine that ranks colleges, universities and schools. There are hundreds of excellent colleges, both large and small, that are less known in international markets.
Colleges of Liberal Arts and Science (the proper name for these schools) offer a wide and deep variety of classes in the sciences, maths and engineering. A great recommendation letter comes from a person who can tell admissions counselors who you are, how you face challenges and what you are capable of.
Misunderstandings about the college admissions process abound, especially in international schools where many students have infrequent exposure to the colleges they aspire to attend. Tess is a graduate of Harvard Business School where she earned an MBA and Stanford University where she earned an AB in International Relations.

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The most recent outbreaks in West Africa, however, have involved major urban, as well as rural, areas. The good news is that the Philippines is still Ebola-free, but the question is: are we prepared enough just in case an outbreak does occur? These include maximum security in monitoring passengers coming from other countries, and requiring all of them to pass their health information checklists.
We can help by responsibly posting and sharing only confirmed facts, scientifically proven information, and credible updates regarding Ebola. If not doing teaching demonstrations or creating lesson plans and teaching materials, she spends her time organizing different events and activities for her college and doing volunteer work for MP-KNN.
So the Allergists warn people who are sensitive to aspirin to avoid foods rich in salicylates, because they are the ingredients of aspirin. These natural medicines could be one reason why some plant foods protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, experts say. As college admissions counselors we strongly urge students and their parents to operate on facts and not stories passed down from others. The rankings are also based on more subjective evaluations such as general reputation and excellence of academic offerings.
The US government endorses neither the magazine, its ranking system, nor its published results. Keep in mind though that postgraduate programs and often employers are very familiar with the virtues of students who hail from institutions unfamiliar to the masses. In fact, science is an important part of a liberal arts education and every graduating student is required to take a number of maths and science courses in addition to courses in the social sciences, humanities and languages. Asking someone powerful or famous could be helpful, but only if this person is actually able to offer insight as to who you really are. Most have read hundreds, if not thousands of essays and are quite adept at recognizing an inauthentic voice. It is then introduced into the human population with the blood, secretions, organs or other body fluids of infected animals, such as chimpanzees, gorillas and monkeys.
On the other hand, scientists are interested in the possibility that salicylates in foods, provide some kind of protection as aspirin provides.
Foods rich with natural aspirin(salicylates)are blueberries,  cherries, dried currants, curry, dry dates, pickles, licorice root, prunes and raspberries.
Finding the right college for a student is a highly individual process best started based on facts.

While it can reasonably be used as a viable place to gain an introduction to the breadth of colleges and universities in the US, UK and elsewhere, I cannot help but point out that US News and World Report ranked Syracuse University as having the one of the best (top 5) programs in Special Education for years after the program had been discontinued.1 I use this example to highlight the fact that college counselors, college specific research and college visits are by far more valuable and reliable tools needed to gather up-to-date information needed to assess which colleges are actually the best for your student! Experienced counselors know some of these lesser-known colleges offer an outstanding range of classes taught by professors dedicated to undergraduate instruction.
As a result, graduates from liberal arts colleges are highly sought after in fields from teaching to finance and medicine. Your recommender should be able to write a convincing letter on your behalf, but they will only be able to do so if they feel confident in your ability to succeed in school. Also, student essays are not read in isolation, but as part of the whole application, so if events, sentiments or writing style are inconsistent, the application is highly unlikely to make it to the admit pile.
Moderate amounts of salicylates include almonds, apples (especially the variety Granny Smith), oranges, peppers (sweet and hot), dates, plum, pineapple and tea. Additionally these institutions general offer small classes, giving students amazing access to their professors, undergraduate research, tutoring centers and academic counseling.
This is because they have a broad understanding of the world and can see connections and solutions that others with a less integrative education might miss. While larger, better known institutions may offer some of these benefits, keep in mind that they are usually reserved for graduate school students and not undergraduates. It appears that the preservation and heating will not cause salicylate concentration to change. Topping the list are Harvey Mudd College, Reed College, Carleton College, Grinnell College and Bryn Mawr…all Colleges of Liberal Arts and Science!
If they find any part of a student’s response to be plagiarized, the application will simply be discarded.
If anything, boarding school students have an even higher hurdle to clear as they have generally had more access to a wider diversity of activities and colleges, therefore there can be higher expectations of them.
The bottom line here is if a student does not have the wherewithal to submit his or her own work, he or she will likely be discovered and rejected. If he or she does get admitted, but is unable to perform at the expected level, he or she will soon enough suffer the academic consequences.

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