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After a photo of a little boy surfaced claiming that his father was the Canadian rapper, people can't help ask who Drake's baby mama is.
Well, the so-called Drake baby mama is Shirdkevia Myrick, who gained instant fame because of the baby boy's photo. After her photos went viral, Shirdkevia decided to remove her Facebook and Instagram pages. I'm sure that the fans of Drake and Rihanna felt relieved knowing that the rumor was not true.
Babies are beautiful and wonderful but they are a lifetime of work, and a baby will need both of its parents to give it emotional and financial loving support for the rest of its life. Plus, you’ve just come out of an on-and-off longterm relationship with your ex Chris Brown, 24, and that was a hugely tumultuous affair. Rihanna, taking your time and letting yourself see how your relationship unfolds is exactly the right attitude for you to have right now.
So Rihanna, why don’t you and Drake take the time to enjoy the exciting new relationship that you’re in?

So HollywoodLifers, do you agree that Drake and Rihanna should focus on romance and not on baby-making right now?
The picture of the baby went viral after his mother posted his picture alongside the musician's photo on Instagram and Facebook. It won't be surprising if that baby is indeed Drake's because he is known for being a flirt and has hooked up with many women in the past. But ONTD was able to grab old photos from the alleged Drake baby mama and one photo showed her pregnant with the real father of the baby. Gravatars are little icons that appear next to your name and message in the comments section above. Take the time to get to know each other and make sure that you’re right for each other before you make any deeper, permanent commitment.
You need to just enjoy being adored and romanced by Drake — and not have to worry about anything else. We now have both of these tracks CD quality and dirty for you to all update your iTunes collection.

But if you’re not, then don’t you think it would be better to hold off on starting a family for now?
20, and now you’re in the throes of a wonderful, passionate new relationship with a man who adores you and respects you. That in itself is huge, especially because you both have so many other potential romantic partners vying for your attention. Could the baby come from Keshia Chante, Alisha Phillips, Serena Williams, or rumored ex-girlfriend Rita Ora?

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