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Welcome back to the Raising Health Families series, join us each week as we take a look at different ways to keep your family healthy and vibrant in a not-so-healthy world.
When a woman is pregnant or is trying to conceive, she’s usually told to start taking a folic acid supplement to prevent birth defects. Note: This series is designed as a fun and informative compilation to help you and your family thrive.
Various family health issues including Lyme disease and candida has turned me into a 'researcher' with a passion for understanding how our God-created bodies thrive or deteriorate based on what we put in it.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own, for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not substitute your own allopathic or osteopathic doctor’s medical care or advice.

Copyright © 2016 Whole Intentions · Custom Design by Simply DesignsWant to advertise on this site? Did you know that this synthetic form of the vitamin folate has been shown in many studies to cause cancer?
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Please visit Justyn over at Creative Christian Mama to get the scoop on what folic acid is and how to get plenty of the natural sources of folate in your diet!

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