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This is a question that you’re probably asking yourself as you anticipate the arrival of your bundle of joy, whether you call the disease whooping cough or pertussis.
In 2013, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended vaccination against Pertussis (Tdap) during each pregnancy and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ (the College) Committee on Obstetric Practice supports these revised recommendations. With that said, it is recommended that you get a pertussis vaccine while pregnant anytime from week 27 through week 36. Upon receiving the whooping cough vaccine, your body will create the protective antibodies that can be passed to your baby to protect him or her for the first two months of their life before they can receive vaccination to protect against Pertussis.
If you don’t get a pertussis vaccine while pregnant, it could put your baby at greater risk of contracting whooping cough. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in 4 babies who get whooping cough will get pneumonia and 1-2 out of 100 will pass away. If you live in the area, call us and schedule an appointment with our pediatrician or family doctor to learn more about vaccines to protect you and your baby during pregnancy.
There are a certain things that have to be kept in consideration while using cough syrups to enhance your pregnancy probability.You need to start taking the medicine about four days before you expect to ovulate.
Like most products during this phase, cough syrups in pregnancy may also prove to be harmful for you.
For starters, early protection is essential for your baby since he or she can’t get his or her first pertussis vaccination until after his or her first two months.
That timeframe is recommended because about two weeks after vaccination your protective antibodies will be at their strongest.

The CDC also states that about 30-40% of babies contracting pertussis catch it from their mother. If you are already pregnant and are at the week 27-36 mark, you can make a FAST TRACK urgent care appointment, a better urgent care for mommies and babies. You need to continue taking the medicine right until a day after your cervical fluid dries up. Yes, you should consider vaccinating yourself to protect your baby from whooping cough or pertussis.
Pregnant women with pertussis do not usually suffer from serious obstetrical complications. If you are trying for a long time to get pregnant and have not succeeded, you may use some of such products to help you build your happy family.
Also, there should be no other active ingredients such as antihistamines or cough suppressants like dextromethorphan in your cough syrup. These classes of medicines aid in the clearance of mucus from the airways, lungs, bronchi, and trachea. A weaker immune system may help to stop the woman’s body from rejecting the unborn baby, but it can also leave expecting moms vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections. If, however, they are contagious at the time of delivery, they may infect the neonate immediately post partum. Cough Syrup is one such thing that is known to have the properties to help you get pregnant.

These substances if found in the cough syrup can dry up mucus, including the cervical fluid. Neonates are susceptible to pertussis and may become seriously ill with potentially fatal consequences, including uncontrolled shaking, brain disease and pauses in breathing.
While there is a lot of research and speculation going on about this, there are some ingredients in cough syrups that may actually help in the cause.
While taking in moderate amount is helpful to treat the cough, overdose of cough syrups in pregnancy may be harmful for the health of the mother and the baby. Researches do say that cough syrups can increase your fertility and give you a better probability at getting pregnant. This means it relieves you of congestion and chesty coughs by thinning down the mucus in your airways.
There is also the query of “Can i take cough syrup while pregnant?” that is common asked by pregnant women. And because guaifenesin works on all the mucus membranes in your body, it can also make your cervical mucus thinner and wetter too.

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