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Presentation on theme: "Myers’ PSYCHOLOGY (7th Ed) Chapter 4 The Developing Person James A. The Developing Person zFold yesterday’s questionnaire length-wise ? Orient the paper horizontally and on the back top half write down 2-3 adjectives that you think describe each decade of life ? 0-9 years ? 10-19 years ? 20-29 years ? 30-39 years ? 40-49 years ? 50-59 years ? 60-69 years ? 70-79 years ? 80- ?
The Developing Person zThen, again, only on the top half, write down what you think is the IDEAL age.
Infancy and Childhood: Physical Development ? Babies only 3 months old can learn that kicking moves a mobile--and can retain that learning for a month (Rovee- Collier, 1989, 1997). Wednesday, May 07, 2014 ? We have a lot to get through today ? Hard with computers SOOO CLOSE ? All that you’re missing!

This fascinating program follows the physical development of a baby from conception to birth by following the pregnancies of a number of young women. Below are dramatic personal interpretations of Pregnancy from his well-known “Conception to Birth – A Life Unfolds” series. 18-22 HomeworkClasswork Turn In Text pages 264-307 States of Consciousness Test tomorrow MON. Using enhanced computer animation made from ultrasound pictures and computer graphics this program illustrates and describes the development of a child from beginning through birth. He pioneered using medical imagery in his own portraiture predicting that in the future holographic images derived from an individual’s body scans will not only be used as 3D physical baseline in an individual’s Personal Health Record, but will be used as the raw material for futuristic portraiture as seen in the 3D portraits rendered of himself from his CT and MRI scans.

States of Consciousness Test Text pages 135-150: Prenatal Development & Newborn thru Cognitive Development Bring in picture of YOU when you were a baby – be sure your name is on the back of the picture WED.
Create lifeline Developmental psych – Introduction Text pages 135-150: Prenatal Development & Newborn thru Cognitive Development Baby Picture THU. Video: Life’s Greatest Miracle Text pages 150-158 Cognitive Development thru Social Development Baby Picture FRI.

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