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That’s not a stock photo, that’s a photo of a real test I took this morning which confirmed the four other faint positives I had on cheap tests.
The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test requires a few more steps than your usual pee sticks but it’s not hard and the tests come with extensive instructions that cover everything you need to know as well as answers to frequently asked questions.
You have two options, you can hold it in your urine stream or collect some urine and hold it in the test cup. Within 3 minutes (for me it was around two) you should see the test say pregnant or not pregnant.
The conception indicator takes a bit more understanding but the chart in the instructions and on the box is very helpful. If you don’t already know, doctor’s date your pregnancy based on the start of your last menstrual period even though you don’t conceive till an average of 2 weeks after that.
If you are trying to conceive and would like a bit more help, Clearblue also makes digital ovulation tests that show a happy face if you are ovulating or an empty circle if you aren’t.
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Do you want to calculate your pregnancy conception date and find out when your baby was conceived? Just enter your due date and the pregnancy conception date calculator will calculate the exact possible dates of when you got pregnant. Ovulation, and therefore conception, occur 14 days before your period was due and you can get pregnant from making love up to 5-6 days before ovulation happens.

This pregnancy conception and due date calculator let's you know when you may could have made love and when you did get pregnant. The best time to take the test would be approximately three weeks after having unprotected sex, or five weeks after your last period. This answer was written for Birth by midwife Melissa Maimann from Essential Birth Consulting. The most common cause of this error is the use of the older test kits with low sensitivity. Thanks for visiting!We confirmed some amazing news today using a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator. The main thing to remember is after you open the test out of the foil package, do not hold it with the absorbent part pointing upwards.
I recommend the second option because you have to make sure not to get the rest of the test stick wet and it needs to be in the stream for 5 seconds only. The conception indicator takes a few extra seconds although my test finished before the 3 minute mark. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities.
If you have a 28-day menstrual cycle -- which is assumed by many healthcare providers -- that means that you ovulated on day 14. Isn’t it nice not to look at the box or instructions again to see if two lines means pregnant or a line and plus or whatever depending on the brand? You can test up to 4 days before your period is due but the % of an accurate reading goes down a percentage.

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The BabyMed reverse pregnancy conception and due date calculator helps you find the possible conception date retrospecitively. If your cycle is a few days longer, you probably ovulated after day 14, and your baby may arrive a few days after your estimated due date. This due date conception calculator answers your question: "If this is my due date, when could I have gotten pregnant?"Based on your due date the BabyMed conception date calculator will interactively calculate backwards and let you know a range of days during which sexual intercourse may have led to conception. When I have to give a urine sample to a doctor, I have to move the cup around until I get the right spot! It’s possible to get a Not Pregnant result a few days before your period is due and still be pregnant. Dispose of the battery however you are supposed to in your community and you can put the rest of the test in the garbage.
With the second option, you can hold the absorbent pad in the urine just right for 20 seconds.

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