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Alexis Stewart, 46, welcomed her son, Truman, through a surrogate on March 7 a day before his sister, Jude, celebrated her first birthday, Daily Mail reports. A 62-year-old woman has become pregnant after a test-tube conception, her doctor said Thursday. Concetta Ditessa, a housewife from a Calabrian village in southern Italy, is due to give birth to a boy in August. Problem was, even though Victoria had two young daughters from a previous marriage, her intense desire to create a baby with her new husband was thwarted by her own body. Desperate to bear a child, willing to undergo every procedure from Lupron shots through egg harvesting and in vitro fertilization (IVF), she is blocked at every corner of medical protocol from achieving her dream of a successful pregnancy. Finally she journeys toward acceptance of using a donor egg, much to the dismay of her growing daughters.
Follow her insider's account of the hidden world of egg donation-where women's eggs are bought and sold over the internet and a beautiful model with high SATs and a prior successful donation commands the highest prices.
February 17, 2009 - French President Nicolas Sarkozy's unmarried Justice Minister Rachida Dati gives birth to a baby girl on Friday January 2, according to reports. Medical experts agree that having a child between the ages of 20-30 will give you the best chance of conceiving naturally. The number of babies born to British women over 40 has reached a record high with an estimated 26,976 babies born in 2009, compared to only 14,252 in 1999.

Although from the outside, the window for motherhood appears to be thrown ever wider, with new mothers in their 50a€™s and beyond, the reality is that from the age of 38 onwards, the chances of conceiving narrow rapidly. An overwhelming percentage of you (80%) thought that there should be a limit to the age that women are granted assisted conception, which should correspond with a€?the laws of naturea€™.
Dr Gill Lockwood thinks that a€?every case should be judged on its a€?merits and the welfare of the child that may be born is the most important considerationa€™. Nonetheless, with the shortage of donor eggs (partly due to the lifting of anonymity) she feels that donor eggs should be available to younger women who have had a premature menopause.
Omotola Jalade was the first Nollywood actress to walk The Grammy 2011 Red Carpet and it was all good news till pictures started coming in. Annie and 2face's Love Story: How They Met at age 15, first words, how they both suffered and their big wedding!!! This is probably the best love story ever, after all the ups and downs, the break- ups, cheating and all, they still ended up as ONE! The daughter of Martha Stewart, Alexis spent five difficult years and more than $30,000 trying for a baby before a surrogate gave birth to her son.After four miscarriages by surrogates, Alexis felt emotionless about the most recent pregnancy. Achieve LASTING freedom from PCOS related symptoms without spending your hard-earned money on meds.
We are strong advocates of the personal, social and environmental benefits of natural parenting.

I was really inspired to have my tubal reversal at 45 years old, primarily, because of the wonderful postings I read on your message boards. Nonetheless women are continuing to postpone parenthood until their mid 30a€™s with the average age of fertility treatment seekers is 35 years old. These stats from the Office of National Statistics show the age for motherhood is increasing which in turn leads to a demand for fertility treatment.
I was told my only hope for a child would be through egg donation."Huntley approached Create Health Clinic in London after reading an article about natural-cycle IVF. I read them on a daily basis before my procedure and continued to do so after my surgery.I sincerely hope my success story (giving birth 3 months before my 47th birthday) will be a source of inspiration to others.
Gedis Grudzinskas, an independent fertility specialist, suggests that women aged 40+ who want to conceive should go directly to a fertility specialist before trying, in order to maximise their chances. Written in an easy-to-read format, it provides authoritative, practical answers to the most commonly asked questions about infertility.It covers a wide-range of topics including the etiology, diagnosis, and therapies available for infertility.

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