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NPR explores how advances in reproductive technology are changing when and how we create families. Angela Nicole, 42, said she decided to use IVF shots after she went through several failed intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), according to the Daily Dot.
Some mothers who also went through IVF, commented on the picture with their support and experience. Amid rumors that rapper Jay Z fathered a child 17 years ago, word is spreading that Beyonce is having trouble conceiving baby no. Amid rumors that rapper Jay Z fathered a child 17 years ago, word is spreading that Beyoncé is having trouble conceiving baby no.

Another man, Robert Graves, who was said to be the father had been paying child support for years.
We might now know what Ayesha Curry has to say about the woman who is accused of coming on to her NBA superstar husband, Steph Curry of the Godlen State Warriors. She says the real issue is society at large, which is pushing back the age people are expected to settle down and have kids. To show her love for her daughter and the extensive process she went through to have her, Nicole took a picture of 4-month-old Sophia surrounded by the vials and syringes used during the IVF. Her weight is going up and down, her moods are all over the place, and she cries at the littlest things.

She's just hoping the struggle will be worth it."They have actually been in court for nearly five years. She laments that no federal agency pushes this issue, and neither women nor their OB-GYNs tend to bring it up.

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