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Les anomalies de la mer baltique, Nouvelles images des dessinateurs et aussi des modeles 3d tires dun balayage de l'image du scan, et aussi une comparaison avec un artefact maya revele. Billboard Korea catches up with Girl's Day at their poolside showcase as the group bows its "Female President" video. Quickly rising quartet Girl's Day has been on a hot streak since they stripped their cute image for the title track single from their March album release, "Expectation." The sexed-up concept reignited interest in the act and gave them their first K-Pop Hot 100 Top 10. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business.

We hope that our performance can help people forget the scorching hot weather!"While "Expectation" saw Girl's Day playing a Lolita role. The single was composed by Nam Ki Sang, responsible for their past tracks such as "Expectation," "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Don't Foget Me." The song is about a woman that goes out to get what she wants, instead of waiting for a man to make the first move. The title was also inspired by South Korea's first female president, Park Guen Hye."It's simply the title and context of the song," the girls explained. The song itself accompanies the visual perfectly with a powerful electric guitar riffs, tribal beats and hand claps mixed together.

Each chorus climaxes with a lengthy belted note."I think people liked that we kept challenging ourselves, and also find us cute," the girls said of the heightened interest they've received in 2013.

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