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The responsible person for the content of this web site is solely the webmaster of this website, approachable via this form! Although there is absolutely no way to guarantee any gender selection method there is a best time during ovulation to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally if you want to increase your chances. Although there is absolutely no way to guarantee any gender selection method there is a best time during ovulation to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally if you want to increase your chances. Each and every month a healthy woman ovulates and at some point in her cycle there is a window of opportunity for conceiving a child.
Your next task is to time having intercourse to optimize your chances of conceiving the gender you are hoping for. With these basic differences it is possible to time your intercourse to make this work for you in choosing your gender. However if your wish is to have a baby girl the best way to increase your chances would be to have intercourse two or three days before you ovulate.
The key ideas to all of this of course is to know as closely as possible the timing of ovulation. DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only.
The sex of a baby is determined by the type of sperm that wins the race and merges with the egg. Scientific analysis shows that an acidic vaginal environment is most in favourite of X sperm.
Consuming a lot of acidic foods can increase the PH levels in the body and in the vaginal fluids.
Sexual intercourse that occurs 72 to 96 hours before ovulation is more likely to lead to a baby girl. Ovulation timing with a high accuracy rate can be predicted and alerted to you if you sign up to use one of the analysis methods.
To increase your chance of having a girl, your partner should try to ejaculate as close to the vaginal entrance as possible. Additionally, the timing of the woman's and man's orgasms are an important factor in determining the sex of the baby. Your health and the healthy of your baby are two important things to think about when you are pregnant. While you are pregnant, your doctor or clinic staff will do many tests to ensure you are carrying a healthy baby.
The Ovulation Calendar helps you determine your fertile days of the month, so you can either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The theory that you could conceive a girl baby, by knowing the exact time you ovulate is not new.

All kinds of fruits that are high in Vitamin C can increase the chances of conceiving a daughter.
The chemical balance has to be just right to conceive a baby girl and certain foods can help.
There are certain techniques you can try and if your heart is set on having a boy or a girl, why not give it your best shot? To do this successfully you need to know the differences between the sperm that carries the Y chromosome which can create a boy and the sperm that carries the X chromosome that can result in a girl. Your job, if you want a boy, is to help them reach the egg in time to fertilize it before they die off because they don’t live long. This allows the Y sperm to expire before the egg is present which then gives the X sperm, which live longer, time to be the only ones remaining when the egg presents itself for fertilization.
The egg always provides an X chromosome, and sperm may contribute either an X or Y chromosome.
The male chromosome (Y) loses it's activity in acidic substances, so X chromosomes have more chances to reach the ovum and fertilize it first. Consumption of foods with high levels of calcium and magnesium, such as green vegetables, in the weeks before conception is likely to result in a girl.
If sexual intercourse happens a few days before ovulation, you will increase your chance of conceiving a baby girl because the weaker Y sperm will not survive until the ovum is released. The calendar is based on the date of your last period, the average Period Length and the Luteal Phase.
It is essential, according to some people, that no spermatozoa reaches the vagina after conception. As you know, most of the current detection method detect ovulation to the day of ovulation.
You need to know a few key things about ovulation and how it works and the differences between the types of sperm that determine gender.
Although her egg will only be viable for 24 hours, the sperm that fertilizes the egg can last for as long as five days within her reproductive system. On the other hand, the X sperm, which is responsible for girls, lives much longer, but they are a lot slower probably due to their much larger size. Because the Y sperm has such a short life-span, only 24 hours, they need to be in the vicinity of the egg before they die off.
Knowing the best time during ovulation to conceive a baby boy or baby girl and having intercourse accordingly will improve your chances of having the gender you wish for.
Consult with your doctor or other health care provider for your health and pregnancy needs.
If the winning sperm carries an X, then the resulting pair will have to be XX, which means girl.

According to scientists, around 82% of women who followed a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and rice in the nine weeks before they plan to conceive to went on to have a girl.
During an orgasm, the walls of woman’s uterus contracts, helping her push the sperm through the cervix.
With this information a chart is generated for each month, including details such as the next period date, the best days to conceive a boy or a girl, your ovulation day and when you should abstain from intercourse to avoid pregnancy.
It is not enough to predict ovulations by the day's accuracy, it has to be more accurate. Various dairy products such as milk and butter as well as eggs are rich in calcium (conceive a girl ovulation calendar). Every woman’s body is different but it is generally true that each has this five day window when trying to conceive.
This is because of the increase in the levels of calcium and magnesium in the blood stream. Because this orgasm makes the vaginal environment more alkaline, it favours the Y sperm (boy). Not letting any spermatozoa enter the womb is crucial, because it has more Y chromosome sperms. And the higher the level of acid is, the better it is, if a woman desires to conceive a girl baby. Your task is to figure out the timing of ovulation to be able to take advantage of your window of opportunity.
So to favour to the X sperm (girl), the woman should not orgasm during the sexual intercourse. Having a strong immune system is also crucial for conceiving a baby girl as well of course. To successfully conceive a female child, you must have a clear understanding of the proper diet. Since this method is not extremely well-known, it is also hard to find real-life stories (best foods for conceiving a daughter). It certainly isn't a fool-proof method, but it is going to increase the likelihood of getting a daughter (how to make a baby girl).
A diet alone might not make the difference by itself, but it will increase the chances for sure.
So vitamin C containing vegetables and fruits, need to be part of your diet to conceive a girl.

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