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The Early Result Pregnancy Test can be used as early as 4 days before you expect your period. To use the pregnancy test strip, simply fill a container or Dixie cup with urine and hold the test strip in the container in a vertical position. Please note that all orders are shipped on the same business day your order is placed via US First Class mail and usually take 2 to 5 days for delivery.
HOW DOES IT WORK?Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone, produced by the developing placenta shortly after the conception and secreted into the urine. Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test is the only pregnancy test with a Color Change Tip that turns pink when urine is being absorbed, giving you extra reassurance that the test is working. Our Value Pack (50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Early Pregnancy Test Strips) are a economical option for the budget minded trying to conceive customer. Easy to use, sensitive midstream pregnancy test allows testing anywhere even when on the go. The ClinicalGuard HCG Urine Test is a fast and accurate pregnancy test that is designed for ease of use.
That means you can begin testing accurately just 6 to 8 days after conception – well before your first missed period.

First Response can detect the pregnancy hormone five days sooner than the day of your missed period. I noticed that in comparison to Wondfos, the test line doesn't show up as strong when not close to ovulation, but when I was within one day of a positive result, the test line became much stronger.
It is over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period and easy to read – giving you clear and confident results. WHEN TO BEGIN TESTING The length of the menstrual cycle is the duration from your first menstrual bleeding day to the day before the next bleeding begins. While many women think they must see their doctor for accurate pregnancy results, the truth is Clearblue pregnancy tests are as accurate as a doctor’s urine test.
However, any urine specimen may be used (though urine should be held at least two or three hours before specimen collection to prevent dilution of the sample).2. The reaction approximately takes 3-5 minutes with visual development of control and test lines. HOW TO READ THE RESULTS Negative (not pregnant): Only one color band appears, in the Control Zone. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate when used from the day of the expected period (and can be used up to 5 days sooner than waiting until you miss your period), so you can feel confident about your result in the comfort of your own home.

Immerse the strip into the urine sample for at least 5 seconds (the arrow end should point towards the urine). In either case, contact your physician to obtain further information and advice regarding your pregnancy. If you do not know your cycle length, you may begin the test 11 days after your first period since the average cycle length is 28 days. Please make sure you have an indoor mailbox before placing the order in winter since the package will be shipped by USPS. Note: The color intensity of the test bands on the test vary depending on the concentration of HCG hormone detected. The color intensity of the test bands may vary since different stages of pregnancy have different concentrations of HCG hormone.
Note: The color intensity of the test bands on the test may vary depending on the concentration of hCG hormone detected.

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