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Cherie Blair is a leading human rights lawyer, a passionate campaigner for women's equality and wife of Tony Blair.
Please note that the views expressed in blogs and articles by guest contributors are submitted to The Women's Conference and are solely those of the authors.
Gordon Brown yesterday angrily denied claims by Cherie Blair that he had leaked the news she was pregnant.
Watching brief: The Queen, Prince Philip and the Blairs at the Braemar Games during the 1999 visit to Balmoral when Leo was conceived 'She brought it round on the Thursday and on the Friday morning, lo and behold. Her determination to help women overcome discrimination and prejudice has seen her visit and speak in many countries. Mrs Blair hints in her autobiography that she suspected her husband's rival was behind stories that emerged when she was expecting Leo, the Blairs' fourth child, who was conceived at Balmoral and was born in May 2000. The scan had been registered under a different name and they hadn't put me on the computer.
It was reportedly paid almost A?400,000 for six monthsa€™ work in Kazakhstan reviewing its a€?bilateral investment treatiesa€™. I hear hea€™s private equity heavyweight David Fife, of Sandbridge Capital, whose portfolio includes Topshop and designer Derek Lam.A a€?Hea€™s an intriguing figure,a€™ says my man in Wall Street. Having herself combined a demanding career with bringing up four children, she also actively promotes policies and initiatives to improve work-life balance for women and men. But the Prime Minister's aides said any suggestion of his involvement was 'totally untrue' and had left them 'totally baffled'.

She hated the thought of the press finding out, particularly as she had yet to tell some of her most intimate friends and family. I never know how she manages with all the different things she does - the work, the family." There was nothing in Cherie's background to suggest such a distinguished career. But having been brought up by a single mother in a modest home in Liverpool, she won a place at the London School of Economics.
She graduated with first class honours in law and went on to top the class in her Bar examinations.
Speaking for Myself, published by Little, Brown, and serialised in The Sun and The Times, goes on sale on Thursday, a week before the crucial by-election in Crewe and Nantwich. In it, Mrs Blair gives a deeply personal account of her life before and during the Downing Street years, how her whole world changed with the arrival of Leo and of her rather less than cordial relations with two members of the Royal Family. They now have four children, the youngest, Leo, being the first born to a serving Prime Minister for over a century.
These are some of her revelations: Embarrassment at Balmoral - and then Leo is conceivedIn September 1999, the Blairs went to stay with the Queen at Balmoral.
Cherie continued her legal career while bringing up a family and in 1995 was appointed Queen's Counsel as senior trial lawyers in the United Kingdom are known. Previous experience told Mrs Blair that royal aides would unpack all her belongings, including the most intimate itemsA  -A  her 'unmentionables'A  -A  and so she decided to leave behind her contraception 'out of sheer embarrassment'. There were fears that if the trip was delayed or cancelled it may set a hare running that an invasion of Iraq was imminent.

Cherie specialises in employment and human rights law and is regularly asked to appear in courts abroad. After revealing the excitement of the radiographer during her first scan, Mrs BlairA  -A  then 47A  -A  recalls the distress at her second appointment. During Tony Blair's decade as Prime Minister, she was often at his side at international summits, on official trips overseas and during election campaigning. They refused to state publicly whether Leo had been given the controversial MMR vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella. There was a huge debate at the time over its alleged side effects, including whether it was linked to autism. The Government was still urging parents to give their children the triple jab and it was felt that the fragile confidence in it would be restored if the Blairs confirmed Leo had had it.
Blair's speech topics include: Human rights for women and children, balancing family and career, charity, public service and legal issues. Despite Mrs Blair's initial reluctance to tell all, however, she has now given a public account. She was just trying to catch me out.' Mrs Blair also clashed with Princess Anne, suggesting that there was animosity because the Labour Government wanted to ban fox-hunting.

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