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I was in the middle of treatments for long-term chronic depression when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.
Scientists compared the brains of rats that had been chronically stressed during pregnancy and discovered that the select few who has been administered Citalopram for three weeks during pregnancy had a more complex brain structure. Of course, this isn’t to say that all stressed-out moms-to-be should be rushed to their doctors and be medicated.
You’ve been open about your struggles with depression and with PPD after your second child was born.
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The day before I delivered my daughter, I was three pounds heavier than I was when I returned home from my freshman year at college. My husband, a surgeon, often comments about the human body being smarter than he’ll ever be. Due to recently going viral (thanks to pinterest) & a host of disrespectful comments, I have closed the comments section of this article. For those of you seeking more information as to how this outcome was achieved, you might enjoy my article on how I use a modified Crossfit as my exercise regimen of choice.
You never know how what you choose to share, and how you choose to share it, may change someone’s day.
Join my Facebook group where we peek inside our favorite Usborne Books & More during the Book of the Week series, running through 2016! I was on a cocktail of medications that were highly effective, yet not proven safe for my developing baby. I’ve decided to take my story to another level and help others feel better about themselves- twins or not!
It is in my genes to be heavy and I have spent most of my life fighting the obesity epidemic that is moving rapidly through this country.
Most people seem to hold this belief & look at women who lose the weight quickly like they are some freaks of nature, since it has become so rare to see a woman bounce back fast. I have also been asked about my diet, which is probably the biggest determinant of my success.
I never tried to lose weight or restricted calories, my body just went back to normal on it’s own while I continued my healthy lifestyle choices and exclusively breastfed. Completely avoiding stress isn’t realistic (or healthy), but taking steps to reduce the amount of stress and making self care a priority is key.

I was nervous about having twins because everyone had to tell me how I will never be able to wear a bikini again because of excess skin and stretch marks. I admired Heidi Klum’s rapid return to her pre-pregnancy weight and distinctly remember something she said many years ago.
I lost the weight, but I am not at a good fitness level yet (well, according to my standards of what is considered fit).
You can find an example of what I eat on the bottom of this article & a bunch of my favorite recipes in the styleberryTREASURY.
I'm shawna and I want to change the conversation between mothers (& makers), as we work to intentionally build each other up. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
I literally was back in my bikini body 5 weeks after my c section and my abs were visible again.
I looked at women who lost the weight with awe and now, I know there is not much to be amazed by.
I don’t diet, I live a lifestyle that includes tons of healthy choices and not many unhealthy ones. Since I lost more than I gained with my last pregnancy, I started my second pregnancy about 13lbs lighter than the first. I want to foster a place of empathy, so we can talk about where we stand and why & share freely, respectfully.
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I started working out from home when I could and lost all of the twin baby weight in the privacy of my own bedroom! You cannot get pregnant and expect to look like a supermodel if you didn’t look like one before, sure. I exercised as long as I could (some painful varicose veins kept me from doing much the last trimester) but I moved a lot.
I want this to be a place where we do not forget to acknowledge struggle, but always seek to find the joy.
I do have slight stretch marks, and I don’t quite look how I did before, but I am happy with the progress I have made and feel good about myself as a mother of twins! People are so full of crap, glad I just kept eating healthy and exercising and throwing their “advice” to the wind!

I ate the same healthy diet as always, really consuming no more than I normally do the whole pregnancy. I want to create a source of honest inspiration, so we can learn from our different choices & help better define why we each do what we do, and find ways to do better.
I have now created a blog to help others stay motivated to reach their own health and fitness goals, to provide a fun and supportive community, and to share healthy recipes for families! So, her point was, if you are in shape before, you will have a better shot at losing the weight after. I can say proudly that I never used pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything I wanted or sit back & slack on my exercise.
I have made a post one here also it should be up soon called “fit after a son and twins”!!
And I’m 30 not 18 so I hope I can inspire people to be healthy during a pregnancy and realize that age doesn’t have to hold you back from having an awesome bikini body! They never tell you THAT can happen during delivery, but sure enough, I fractured it beyond the point that it will ever heal.
I could not workout for six months after caroline was born due to a broken tailbone, but I did walk every day.
Food was a major challenge for me during pregnancy, mostly because I had aversions to most things that were cooked. Six weeks after delivery, she was down 36 lbs, just nine to go to reach her pre-pregnancy weight. I seemed to be hungry all the time, but I satisfied that with nuts, cheese, fruits & veggies. But I really didn’t retain water until the last week, so I think drinking that much helped.
I will help you in any way that I can, but let me assure you–this is just as hard for me as anyone else.

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