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Statistical Data on Pregnancy Test TimingTesting for pregnancy when trying to conceive is a sensitive issue.
10 DPO) is probably related to some very optimistic advice and the strong desire to learn of positive results early.
When women go into labor, they typically experience the so-called "waters breaking," which refers to the amniotic sac, a bag of clear fluid where the unborn baby grows and develops, breaks on its own during child birth.
Only about one in 80,000 babies are born with some or all of their amniotic membrane still wrapped around their body. Although Silas was healthy when he was born, doctors had to help him breathe and give him special care because he was born three months before he was due for delivery. William Binder, who delivered Silas, does not have experience handling a perfectly intact amniotic sac. Because of the short amount of time needed to get the baby out of its enclosure, Binder had to use his fingers to puncture the sac.
The child's mother did not know the reason behind the fuss in the delivery room until she was showed the photo of her child. On a cold snowy day in New York City in January 2009, I lay on a medical exam table on what would be one of the worst days of my life. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid, the year following the birth of my first son in 2006. I would later learn that my Ivy League medical school trained and top awarded doctors in New York City did not know enough about hypothyroidism, especially the dangers of hypothyroidism and pregnancy. A study presented June 2012 at The Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting in Houston recommended that all pregnant women should undergo thyroid screening in the first trimester of pregnancy.
According to a 2008 study in the Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, hypothyroidism has a statistically significant relationship with recurrent pregnancy loss in the first trimester. My doctor tried to assure me there was no link between hypothyroidism and miscarriage, but my instincts told me they were wrong. As the medical staff prepared me for my D&C that fateful day, I vowed that I would do everything in my power to research everything there was to know about hypothyroidism and tell women everywhere. That babies are being needlessly harmed from medical lack of awareness about thyroid disease is unacceptable. Filed Under: Thyroid and Pregnancy Tagged With: Miscarriage About Dana TrentiniWho knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of my neck could affect my life so completely? Rajiv, Please call your wife’s doctor today and insist to speak with them about her high TSH during pregnancy. Jennifer, you have a strong family history of hypothyroidism and you suffer many common hypothyroid symptoms including miscarriage, placental abruption (which also happened to me with my second son born 36 weeks!). I had the same problem I suffered for years I finally found a Dr that would run ALL the bloodwork as my t3 and t4 were normal but I still felt like I was hit by a truck.
I mention all of this to emphasize how much and how wrongly the doctors rely on those blood tests. I don’t recall if you said what type of doc had checked your thyroid, but see if you can find an endocrinologist who specializes in hormonal imbalances related to pregnancy. It should not be forgotten that men carry the potential risk of thyroid disease, and we can all help one another, as the disease is considered to be “hereditary”!
Around the same time my sister battled losing a child due to related thyroid dysfunctions, I too, found myself battling physical changes with my body due to thyroid conditions that were undetected from my family doctor.
I was someone who maintained an “above-normal” commitment to an active lifestyle, so I couldn’t understand WHY I was dealing with newfound deficiencies to weigh-gain, inadequate blood levels and vital organ trauma. My diagnosis and results didn’t come until my sister assisted me in aligning connectivity to a thyroid specialist in my area.

Today, I benefit from my sisters devoted passion and persistence to aligning that expert connectivity almost 3 years ago… Today I understand the triggers, the ramifications, and possess the knowledge to make better choices on how my body can maintain optimal health. I’m fortunate that my sister helped me question the routine medical profession and seek expert advice… I’m blessed to be able to report that my thyroid dysfunction has gone into a form of remission, meaning, “No Lifetime Pills or Medication is Required”, and my health is better than its ever been! I’m forever grateful, and blessed to have challenged those multitudes of doctor’s opinions. This is so timely as I have just been told that I may have hypothyroidism, even though I am asymptomatic.
This is a terrible story…I never thought I would get to know about something like this. I am soooo happy to hear that you made it and you have two handsome, wonderful, smart little boys! When we are ill, we need to take full responsibility for getting the best medical care whether it is natural or traditional medicine.
Baby Silas, who was delivered by cesarean section at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California, was born at only 26 weeks. What makes this more extraordinary is that surgeons typically cut the sac during C-section. Cedars-Sinai said that the doctor was in awe when he realized the baby was completely enclosed.
The doctor was able to capture a photo of the child with his cellphone though before the sac was broken. I had miscarried at 12 weeks and was being prepared for a D&C, a surgical procedure to remove my baby.
Under their care my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), the gold standard for measuring thyroid function in mainstream medicine, reached levels far above the pregnancy recommended reference range and endangered my baby’s life.
The study was conducted on 1,000 pregnant women in their first trimester in Ludhiana in Punjab, India. The launch of my blog Hypothyroid Mom is intentionally timed this October 2012 during Miscarriage Awareness Month in memory of the baby I lost to hypothyroidism and in dedication to my two boys who beat the odds and made it to the world. Management of Thyroid Dysfunction During Pregnancy and Postpartum: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline. Her TSH 150 is too high at 150 for pregnancy according to the American Thyroid Association’s published guidelines for pregnancy attached here. And I really thought that I had a thyroid issue, and all of my symptoms are exactly what I’m ready for hypothyroidism. Even though this blog is called Hypothyroid Mom, I won’t be forgetting about the millions of men worldwide with hypothyroidism. A story where many before you and after you have lived for so long ,opening up people’s eyes and minds to a world where many have been touched and others know nothing about. If only we would share our experiences with one other we would learn so much from one another. I first heard about it at one of my dear friends, and my heart cried for her, but I knew she would be OK and she would beat the odds.
Your story will bring awareness about the hypothyroidism but in the same time will also help women trust in their own strength to beat this condition and have blessed children.
I am always amazed when I tell people that I have hypothyroidism, how many respond that they too have hypothyroidism or know someone with hypothyroidism. When I lost a child to hypothyroidism, and discovered it could have been prevented, I vowed to myself that I would never trust my doctors unquestioningly ever again.
Absolutely if there is one message I want to share on this blog is to take control of your health.

Regardless that Silas' mother, Chelsea Phillips, had an abdominal birth; the baby was born completely encased in the amniotic sac.
A technician had just taken an ultrasound and walked out of the room to reconfirm to the medical staff that my fetus had no heartbeat. I trusted my doctors and followed their thyroid drug protocol to the letter never once thinking they might not know everything there was to know about hypothyroidism. I am so happy you found a good doctor who is partnering with you to get you to the best health possible. It was found thru specific testing and direct “triggers”, that I possessed a thyroid dysfunction, and I finally found the support and thyroid-resolution-roadmap to help me deal with the severity of my condition.
Finally, maybe your knowledge and dedication and perserverence will bring this terrible disease to the forefront and find a cure. I hope to create a place where people can speak their mind and share their feelings on this disease.
Unfortunately I discovered the hard way that not all doctors truly understand it and know how to treat it. My dream is that Hypothyroid Mom becomes a place where people can feel safe to share their struggles.
It is a necessity that we understand our diseases and in many cases to understand them even better than our own doctors. Thank you to Kathy Zucker and to all of you at Metro Moms for including my material in your online magazine.
I hope you find someone to help you and if you message me I will send you a copy of the bloodwork my Dr ran so you can have yours do the same. I am happy that my brother followed his instincts and changed to a doctor who really understood hypothyroidism.
After my first son was born in 2006, I went a year not knowing why I was so tired and lifeless and then 2 more years under the care of doctors who unfortunately did not know how to properly treat hypothyroidism. I have followed Metro Moms for over a year now and am impressed with your site and all the much needed resources you offer to mothers. In the meantime because of his thyroid being so out of whack they diagnosed him with psychiatric problems up to and including paranoid schizophrenia. I credit thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon for helping me understand my disease and getting me on the track to great health. After I miscarried in 2009, I knew it was time to change doctors and I was blessed to find Dr. With the right information and the right doctors, we can all feel well and live healthier lives. Here is a post that explains this issue and outlines the necessary tests: Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies.
Maternal thyroid deficiency and pregnancy complications: implications for population screening. David Clark, a functional neurologist, in Dallas Texas, who through phone consultations and blood work locally in my area managed to identify the underlying issues causing my hypothyroidism and with his vitamins and supplements I am feeling even better.

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