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Have intercourse: having sex a greater number of times, especially close to the ovulating days will obviously shoot up the chances of getting pregnant. Biggest resource for names : Indian Baby Names, Hindu Baby Names, Popular Indian Names, Indian Boy Names, Indian Girl Names, Indian Names by Rashi. We'd like to think that we've gained a little expertise about baby-making since our teenage years. Check out some of the most common myths the study uncovered, and get the facts behind each one. If your time of the month is wildly unpredictable, it can definitely impact how long it takes you to get pregnant. Half of women falsely believe this myth, and while it almost seems probable, it's definitely not true.
Unfortunately, many STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and pelvic inflammatory disease can result in damage to your fallopian tubes, says Pal. In general, it's around age 36-37 when you see a change in your ability to conceive, says Pal. Of course, that doesn't mean that every woman follows the same trajectorya€”how quickly you get pregnant will vary, depending on various factors (like if you're a smoker or if your mother conceived much later in life). No, gravity doesn't play a role in getting you knocked up, though more than one-third of women think specific positions could work better than others. Only 10 percent of women in the study knew that sex should happen before ovulation in order to get pregnant.
If you're using an at-home ovulation test, that will tell you when you get the surge of hormones right before ovulation, which means ovulation may be 24-48 hours away, says Pal. Only 50 percent of women reported ever having discussed their reproductive health with their doctors.

Before trying to conceive, it’s important to rule out any issues that could impact your fertility. Prenatal vitamins with vitamin B6 can increase your chances of getting pregnant and can keep your baby healthier early on when you do get pregnant.
Drinking soy and eating mass produced meat can increase estrogen levels to the point where it causes a hormonal imbalance. Enjoy the Ride Trying to conceive can be frustrating, especially if it doesn’t happen right away.
Consult one of our physicians or call for an appointment at (956) 550.8733 for more information on planning a pregnancy. This entry was posted in Pregnancy and tagged Brownsville TX OBGYN, obstetrician brownsville, obstetrics, pregnancy, pregnancy test.
After all, we no longer think you can't get pregnant your first time or that birth control ruins your future chances of having a baby. Plus, every time your guy ejaculates, the volume of it goes down, as well as the number of sperm released. While it certainly seems like many women are getting pregnant later in life, that doesn't mean it's easy to get knocked up past your mid-30s.
That means you should start having sex pronto because sperm can live in your body and fertilize an egg up to three to five days after you have sex. That's huge because when you go in for your annual gyno visit, your doctor is usually only focused on what's going on that day.
According to what you’ve heard, making the decision to get pregnant is the hardest part of the conception process. However, over-exercising can hurt your chances of conceiving because excessive exercise can cause a woman to lose too much body fat, which also decreases the amount of estrogen a woman is able to produce.

If one is wondering about how to get pregnant after marriage, enjoy your intimacy with your partner, and remain stress free. But apparently most women still have a ton of misconceptions about their fertility, according to a recent study in the journal Fertility & Sterility. And if your cycle varies in duration from month to month, it'll be harder to pinpoint exactly when you're ovulating. They're probably not going to talk to you about your chances of getting pregnant and what factors can help or hinder your oddsa€”unless you bring it up first, says Pal.
Having sex more frequently will increase your chances of success, however, getting pregnant may take time and the couple must not get worked up easily as it will do any good.
And while having the wrong info in high school was embarrassing, believing these myths now can really screw with your chances of getting pregnant.
The missionary position is considered better for getting pregnant, however the scientific fact is there is no good or bad position, but gravity does play a role in making the semen reach the cervix faster. Likewise, it is advised not to go to the bathroom immediately after having intercourse and lay low for 10 to 15 minutes. After marriage how many months to get pregnant will depend upon a number of factors as stated above, but it is crucial that both the partners remain happy and healthy for being successful.

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