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Whether you are trying to get pregnant or looking for ways to avoid pregnancy while engaging in sex, a common question is whether or not you can have sex and get pregnant on your period?  Similarly many people ask can you get pregnant right after your period or is it possible to get pregnant right before your period.
The question about whether you can get pregnant on your period or not is probably the most common of the three situations noted above.  The answer is yes and no. Apart from being more messy and less desirable, having sex during your period will more than likely not result in getting pregnant.  More than likely, your ovulation is several days away decreasing any chances of conceiving during this time.
Now you are asking, “How does that happen?” If your cycle is shorter, for example every 21 to 24 days, this means you are ovulating earlier in the cycle. The probabilities of getting pregnant while on your period are low, but the possibilities are there. This would mean that the days right before your period are the safest for having sex without the expectation of getting pregnant. If you know when ovulation occurred and you wait 36 to 48 hours later, then you should be beyond the possibilities of conception.
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Once you stop taking your birth control pill, it will take some time for your period to return. When you take birth control measures such as birth control pills, you ensure that you don’t get pregnant. If there is no medical problem and you still aren’t getting your period, your doctor might suggest ways to induce ovulation.
CHANCES OF GETTING PREGNANT ON YOUR PERIOD WITHOUT A CONDOMChance she probably not especially with just the pill. The menstrual cycle is characterized by several changes that occur monthly in the woman’s body. Luteal phase (beyond 3 days after ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant are almost zero, but there is still a small risk of becoming pregnant if there is a second ovulation, which happens quite often). Infertile period or follicular phase begins from the first day of the menstrual cycle (ie the onset of menstruation), and ends at the start of a woman’s ovulation period (around the 14th day, if you have a regular cycle of 28 days). Calculation of fertile period, or ovulation, is essential for establishing the non fertile period of the menstrual cycle. Identifying non fertile period in the menstrual cycle is essential to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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Some of the situations noted above are better for trying to conceive than the other, while one of the above is better for having sex with a lesser chance of getting pregnant. It is possible that the sperm from Day 6 will be waiting in your fallopian tubes for conception.
For women who have a typical cycle of 28 to 30 days or longer and their cycles are regular, it is fairly safe to say that your ovulation occurred between Day 11 and Day 21.
The number of “safe days” right before your period go up with longer cycles and lessen with shorter cycles. The further you move away from ovulation, the less likely your chance will be for conceiving.
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Since you have stopped taking it and have been having unprotected sex, you may be get pregnant.
Einfach einePause im schnellebigen Alltag machenohne der Zeit Beachtung zu schenkenist ein Erlebnis, das ich gerne teile. It usually takes 28 days and is calculated from day 1 of the first period to day 1 of the next menstruation. We encourage you to share anything you think will contribute to the health of our monthly readers.
If you happen to be one of the individuals who has a shorter cycle there is a chance you could get pregnant while having sex during your period. You could have sex towards the end of your bleeding and then actually conceive 4 or 5 days later with your early ovulation. Of course your chances of conceiving right after your period increase with each day after your bleeding has stopped.
This is not the time to be having sex if you are trying to conceive.  However, it is still a good time to enjoy the intimacy with your partner. You will get your period back eventually and your body will be completely normal, ready to get pregnant.

Wait for your body to adjust to the sudden hormonal changes and start producing all the hormones required to get pregnant. If you don’t get your period by then, maybe there is a medical condition that you are suffering from.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! She joined ConceiveEasy as she has a strong interest in educating and empowering women and promoting fertility awareness. I took 2, I kept forgetting so I thought I’d wait until my next cycle and try a different method. Although theoretically there is no chance to get pregnant during this time, doctors warn that getting pregnant can happen anytime in the menstrual cycle, if you have unprotected sex.
Its duration varies from one woman to another; not all have regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, but cycles between 21 and 35 days are considered normal. Once you stop taking your pills because you want to get pregnant, you will first have to deal with a few side effects. When you stop taking the pills, your body will experience a sudden imbalance in the hormones and coming back to normal or in other words, adjusting to the absence of the synthetic estrogen can take time. You may be pregnant but got a negative result when you took the test the first time because it was too early. However, it is one of the rather risky contraceptive methods, because there is the possibility of obtaining the load throughout the menstrual cycle in all 3 phases of it. The pituitary gland will start working again and the hormones that were suppressed until now will start being produced again.
Yes, there are chances of this happening and thus, you should check whether you are pregnant to rule out any worries and to start preparing yourself if you indeed are pregnant. To confirm that you are fine, you might want to consider going to the doctor once and having a checkup. Also, take the test first thing in the morning as your first morning urine contains the highest concentration of hCG (the pregnancy hormone).

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