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Brucellosis is a contagious bacterial infection that causes late-term fetal abortion in female dogs and infertility in males. Female dogs with Brucellosis may exhibit few other symptoms of disease except an inability to conceive or spontaneous fetal abortion.
It is easy to screen for Brucellosis with an in-clinic rapid slide agglutination test (RSAT).
Brucellosis is very difficult to treat and completely eliminate from infected animals due to the bacteria’s wide-spread tissue distribution.
There is currently no vaccine available to protect dogs (or humans) from becoming infected by B. Over 300 students studying at the various institutions came together to watch the film which was shortly followed by a panel discussion.

Noted animal activists like Ms Rukmini Sekhar, Ms Ambika Shukla were some of the panellists.
Ms Jayanthi Iyengar (Eternal Energy) addressing the students after the screening of the film.
The student volunteers of Navratan Foundation under the able guidance of Sri Ashok Srivatsav, gave a scintillating performance of a€?Nukkad Nataka€? (street play), to raise awareness of the suffering of the cow after chewing plastics. Plastics are the worst culprit, being the extent of damage that it causes to soil, animals, plants and overall human health. It causes immune and enzyme disorders, hormonal disruption leading to endocrinal disorders and even infertility and is also considered as carcinogenic (cancer).
Not only human health, it dangerously effects other animal life and alters the environmental (air, water and soil) sustainability causing hazardous pollution.

The students although very restless in the beginning, woke up with a start on seeing the cowa€™s surgery and extraction of plastic bags from the stomach. Please download this flyer (front, back) (it is both side printable) and distribute it freely to your firends, relatives, neighbours, etc. The event had participation of several school children both government and private who sent out strong messages to save the environment.

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