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In the early part of your cycle, it will be easier to reach (lower), and may protrude slightly.  As you approach ovulation, it may be harder to reach (higher), and you may need to play with different positions to find it.
The texture is often described as similar to your nose (firm) early in your cycle, and similar to your lips (soft) around your fertile phase.  I also find it feels wider when soft, and more narrow when firm. The opening of the cervix (cervix OS) will become more open as you become more fertile.  It may always be somewhat open, and may never be a gaping hole, but you should notice some change over the course of your cycle.

Your man should avoid hot baths, Jacuzzis, and saunas, or anything else that might heat his goods too much, as this can kill sperm.  It takes about three months to grow new sperm, so killing some off can set you back a little while. Note that Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a subset of Fertility Awareness encouraged by some religious groups that requires complete abstinence during your potentially fertile window.  Fertility Awareness simply recommends you use another form of birth control in this time.

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