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Can you have your period and still be pregnant, maybe become the common question because of the changing feeling during the pregnancy.
When you ask about the same question, can you have your period and still be pregnant as above; the expert will directly answer not really. Now, after answering about the question as above, can you have your period and still be pregnant, we will talk about some tips during the pregnancy.
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Believe it or not, this is definitely not the first time I have heard this same panicky question. Even though i wont be doing this stuff decidees because i’m 13, its still good info for when i decide to do it.
Saying you can get pregnant on the pill when used correctly because its only 99% effective is like saying you can get pregnant when using a condom correctly because it is also 99% effective, its a two way street, birth control is reliable if you’re responsible about it.
It is not as simple as the question about can you have your period and still be pregnant as before. Well, since pregnancy is kind of sensitive thing, you need to be selective in choosing everything.
Nah, we already know about the answer of the question as can you have your period and still be pregnant, as above.
Answer?"Sleeping On Your Back While Pregnant: Good or Bad?Can Pregnant Women Take Ibuprofen?Is It Safe When Eating Shrimp While Pregnant? It seems like every girl out there is afraid of getting pregnant, whether she’s having sex or just coming really close to doing the deed. If he finishes on his hand and there is still some left on his fingers when he fingers you, you can get pregnant.
Unless there is a hole in both of your clothing and some weird miracle happens, you can't get pregnant from dry humping.

It depends on where you are in your cycle and what kind birth control pill you're taking, but it's possible. A lot of people think that women cannot get pregnant when they have their period, but that's just a myth. In high school, I heard from more than one person that you can't get pregnant if you have girl-on-top sex because the semen won't really go in your vagina because of the way you're both positioned. For some reason, a lot of people assume that anal sex means you don't need to use a condom. However, for the women who have their first pregnancy, they will face some changes happen in their body, for example is their period. Well, it will be the new answer for the question as above, can you have your period and still be pregnant.
Stopping the period, as the answer of the question can you have your period and still be pregnant, means that there is no bleeding anymore during your pregnancy. Well, when you face the bleeding in your pregnancy, it is important for you to see your doctor or midwife as soon as possible. Now, in order to know more about the period and pregnancy, it will be nice when you see the doctor in regular. If you use it perfectly (by that I mean same time every day, no matter what), it is about 99 percent effective. Don't worry - sperm can't travel from your mouth all the way down there to where they need to be.
Unfortunately, if you’re not, you still have a chance of getting pregnant and people need to realize that as a reality. Well, maybe the women sometimes ask can you have your period and still be pregnant because they face something different happen and they never feel it before. Here, when you start having pregnancy, you will produce more human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) that will stop your pregnancy.

Actually, the experts aren’t sure why this case may happen because in common, the pregnancy will stop the period. Nah, when you have the bleeding, which you see it is as menstrual bleeding, in your pregnancy, it may cause the dangerous thing! You need to consume high nutrition food in the way to keep the health of the fetus development. The threat of an unwanted pregnancy looming over your head really can mess things up, even if you’re being careful. If he finishes on your thigh or on your vagina but not in it or on your lower stomach, it's totally possible that the semen will somehow get down there. If you forget to take your pill one day, take it as soon as you remember and use extra birth control to be on the safe side for the rest of the month. If he ejaculates close enough to the vaginal area, the sperm can definitely travel in there and get you pregnant. Nah, the expert argues that the period, which happens during the pregnancy, is caused by abnormal menstrual hormone. As long as you’re careful and use the right measures of birth control, you should be okay.
You do not need to worry because it is very common for the correlation of period and pregnancy.
You're probably safe if he finishes on your chest or face or arms or something, as long as you're not contorting your body. Also, when a dude is pulling out, it's easy for him to mess up and accidentally get some in there.

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