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My education about the strange ways in which we can become pregnant began in high school, courtesy of a religion teacher who was tasked with teaching us all about the birds and the bees. I have no idea if the story is true but he taught science as well as religion so I believed him.
Maybe he was trying to highlight the fact that even the most innocent of actions could lead to teen pregnancy and we should probably avoid all physical contact with the opposite sex, just in case?
This is called "superfetation" and it happens when a pregnant woman releases an egg a few weeks into her pregnancy. Breastfeeding is thought to be a natural contraceptive but I have lost count of the number of times I have heard of women falling pregnant while breastfeeding.
Boris Becker was one of the best tennis players in the world back in the day in the late eighties and early nineties, however he became more famous for having a "sexual encounter" with model Angela Ermakova in a broom cupboard at upmarket restaurant Nobu in London. There are some easily recognisable signs that can tell you that ovulation is about to occur. This answer was written for Birth by midwife Melissa Maimann from Essential Birth Consulting. If you own a good quality, healthy pedigree cat and are considering breeding from her, you will need to spend a lot of time researching the process before you get started. Even if you establish that you will easily be able to find owners for your future kittens, breeding from your cat is not something to rush into. The period of gestation (how long it takes from conception to birth) in cats is usually around 63 days long, although for some breeds such as the Siamese, this may be a few days longer.
Here is an at a glance guide to your cat’s pregnancy from conception to birth, week by week. At the very beginning of your cat’s pregnancy, mating and fertilisation occur, although you will not be able to tell definitively that your cat is pregnant for a couple of weeks. During week three, the implanted embryos will begin to develop their organs, which causes a massive hormone surge within the pregnant cat. Around week three or four, your cat may begin to suffer from morning sickness, which may make her less interested in food than normal and can also cause vomiting; not necessarily just in the morning!

You should not pick your cat up after week four of her pregnancy, in order to avoid inadvertently hurting her kittens. At week five, an experienced breeder or vet will be able to feel the kittens through the stomach wall, and may even be able to give you an idea of how many there are! By week seven, your cat’s pregnancy will be quite pronounced and she will have a very rounded appearance! Around a week before your cat is ready to give birth, her milk will descend and you may even see milk on the tips of her nipples, as her body prepares for the birth and for feeding her coming kittens. The growing kittens will continue to increase in size, while your cat may have a slight discharge from the vulva which may have a reddish tinge.
If your cat’s pregnancy makes it as far as ten weeks without delivery, you may simply find yourself playing a waiting game! I’ve known this my entire life, way before we broke the news this week about the woman who fell pregnant as a result of anal sex. And since reading the anal sex story (how amazing was that?) I feel even more certain that it is true. The second egg is fertilised and then the mum carries two babies, but they weren't conceived at the same time. This is more of a problem for those with irregular periods, which can happen as you get older. The rumour was that they had oral sex and Ermakova inserted the semen after he had left, however that has never been confirmed however there was much media speculation at the time, including this from The Guardian. It is important to establish if there is in fact going to be call for the type of kittens that you will produce, in order to be a responsible owner and avoid adding yet another litter of unwanted kittens to the ever-growing cat population simply to give yourself the experience of witnessing the miracle of birth. As well as deciding on a suitable sire for your prospective new kittens, you will need to spend a significant amount of time establishing if breeding from your cat is a good idea in terms of your cat’s age, health and future lifestyle. Just as is the case with human childbirth, cats do not give birth to a firmly fixed schedule, and so you should potentially be prepared for a few days’ difference between the guidelines and the reality of what will happen with your own cat!
If your cat is fertile and has been in contact with a male tom cat, however, she is highly likely to have conceived.

This is perfectly normal, but if the vomiting is prolonged or particularly severe, you should consult your vet. Allow your cat as much food as she will eat, and ensure that she is fed a good quality and complete food.
She may begin to shed the fur on her belly, which is a natural process that sometimes accompanies pregnancy and is not cause for concern.
Some cat breeds, particularly oriental cats such as the Siamese, generally make it a few days into their tenth week of pregnancy before delivering.
You will also need to ensure that you will be able to take care of your cat properly during the period of gestation and accommodate for her changing needs. Cats can even deliver a litter of kittens sired by two different male cats if they have come into contact with more than one entire male cat at around the time that they conceive!
Your vet should be able to confirm pregnancy by means of an ultrasound scan from around 18 days after conception.
If your cat appears anxious, seeks reassurance a lot or establishes herself in her nesting box or bed, this indicates that labour is probably imminent!
If there is still no sign of the kittens by the end of the tenth week, however, you should consult your vet for advice and to check that nothing is wrong. At the end of week four, your vet should be able to feel the abdomen and definitively confirm the pregnancy manually, if you have not already had an ultrasound scan performed.
Her appetite may drop off somewhat at this point, as the growing kittens press on the stomach and shrink its capacity. Your cat will also begin nesting or looking for a suitable place to give birth around now, which may or may not be the spot you would prefer her to use!

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