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A Cabinet minister has provoked a storm by suggesting that the workshy should stop having children if they cannot afford them. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt called on the jobless to take responsibility for their families.
He said it was not the duty of the state to fund an increasing number of offspring with benefits. His provocative comments came days after Chancellor George Osborne announced that no family should receive more than ?500 a week in benefits.
Opponents, including new Labour leader Ed Miliband, branded the remarks ?abhorrent? and ?cruel?, but Tory backbenchers offered generous support.
Neither No 10 nor the Treasury slapped Mr Hunt down over his comments, which re-focused the debate on tackling welfare dependency rather than the furore over stay-at-home middle class mothers losing child benefit.
Nearly 100,000 people on benefits have four or more children, with more than 900 claimants having at least eight. The figures have been seized on by those who claim Labour?s benefits culture has created a ?Shameless generation?, with large families having rents of up to ?1,000-a-week paid by the state. Last night Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, said: ?I am 100 per cent behind what Jeremy Hunt has said. There is unfortunately a culture that has developed over several decades ? certain families think the state will always pay benefits to prop up their large families.
Dr David Green, director of think-tank Civitas, said: ?It is important not to think of poor people as being complete victims of circumstance. He denied the benefit cap was a ?penalty? on large families, but went on to say: ?The number of children that you have is a choice and what we?re saying is that if people are living on benefits, then they make choices but they also have to have responsibility for those choices.
Alison Garnham of the Child Poverty Action Group said: ?Forcing children into destitution on the arbitrary basis of how many brothers and sisters they have is abhorrent. She said:?It?s utterly wrong that children should suffer because of circumstances their parents experience. Earlier this week, Mr Osborne told a father of 11 that the ?8,000 a year he received in child benefit was ?a lot of money? that hard-working taxpayers were having to pay. But last night the Treasury categorically denied rumours that he was considering restricting child benefit payments to the third child. But he said that, with the exception of the disabled, no family will receive more in benefits than the average family receives from going out to work, around ?26,000 or ?500 a week.
In future, their level of housing benefit will be limited so the total benefits package does not go over the weekly limit of around ?500.

These cunts are quick to come looking for our children when they start their fucking wars though, aren't they! This Judaizing of our spiritual life and mammonizing of our natural instinct for procreation will sooner or later work havoc with our whole posterity. Here, as elsewhere, one may defy Nature for a certain period of time; but sooner or later she will take her inexorable revenge. The secondary industrial sector of the economy, which employed the bulk of the workforce prior to globalisation, has been destroyed and sent to third world countries. I agree that women in the workforce has driven down wages and that, before, an employer had to pay a man enough to support his wife and rather more children than the present average. And what is more, the employers today are wise to the fact that present workers often are an only child or only have one sibling, while their parents have gathered a comfortable amount of money.
They are very excited for the birth of their fourth child and seem to be ready to embrace the chaos that is their life with so many little ones. Love it also I have 4 myself girl boy girl girl all about 2 years apart born 90, 92, 94, & 97 the oldest is a graduate of Boston College my only son is the best son in the world my next daughter is a cheerleader at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina and our youngest, Georgia, is a very successful senior in high school. And Zooey isn't the only one thrilled with the baby news!"She and Jacob are so excited [Editor's Note: There it is again!] and I couldn't be happier for Zooey," her costar Jake Johnson told us. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. For instead of strong, healthy children, blessed with natural feelings, we shall see miserable specimens of humanity resulting from economic calculation.
The plan has been for the creation of a welfare class of dispossed white people who will have to compete with foreigners to get jobs. By destroying the secondary industries, the Capitalist-Intelligentsia has dispossed millions of whites thus making them and their skills obsolete in the modern western economies.
Prior to the 1960s (excluding the two world wars), there was no need for women in the workforce. The high standards of living in the 1950s was the result of action taken by the trade unions from the 19th century up until the 50s. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Andrea Chapman and her husband Chad are expecting their fourth child, and it seems as though people aren’t quite as thrilled, but instead were baffled or bewildered. Did you expect anything less?While chatting about what's in store for New Girl's upcoming episodes, the 35-year-old actress, who is expecting her first child, told E!

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It could be viewed as bad news though, as the whites are being out-bred in parts of Britain as it is, I believe. For economic considerations are becoming more and more the foundations of marriage and the sole preliminary condition of it. Thus, the competition for jobs will drive down wages fruther decreasing people's living standards.
The white workers find their living standards collapsing and the buying power of their wages decreasing as well. The buying power of people's wages was high enough for a couple and their children to be supported on one man's wages. Fair enough that most unemployed people can't find work but that doesn't justify them having children that they can't support. As a result of the policies of the Capitalist-Intelligentsia, a welfare class has been created which is dependent on state welfare.
By making women join the workforce, more people were working and thus more people were earning a wage.
If you can't support your children on your current welfare payments or from the money that you are getting from work, than you should give your children up to the state. And this baby news is especially exciting since her sister, Bones star Emily Deschanel, is also pregnant with her second child! Higher inflation meant higher costs of living increasing the need for both parents to be in the workplace. Because less women were spending time at home, the number of children decreased per couple. News immediately learned that Deschanel's onscreen alter ego wouldn't be expecting, too, and Zooey has now confirmed to us that Jess won't be pregnant. Marriage would be the best thing to experience if you find someone you can connect with, discover a sense of completion and intimacy with and believe you can share your entire life with.

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