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Vaginal bleeding after delivery-topic overview - webmd, Severe bleeding means that you are soaking 1 or 2 pads or tampons in 1 or webmd home health & pregnancy center. After the abortion - everywoman's health centre, Some women do not start to bleed until several days after the abortion, some stop bleeding and then do not do a pregnancy test afterwards as the pregnancy. I was curious what the chances are of experiencing pregnancy symptoms 8 days after intercourse are?
Hi we were having unprotected sex all these years i mean 2-3 yrs but randomly choosing dates to avoid preg.
So I thought I started my period but its been really light and has been lasting for 6 days now, I'm never light and always heavy, on the 3rd day I had servere cramping but went away and still only bleeding slightly.
For more details, the sex was slightly unprotected (I am on birth control, but took it only just before we started having sex), and he pulled out. SO I had my period April 12-16th, then May 4 in the morning I had unprotected sex, he pulled out.

I had sex on june 11 and actuallu got my period very early on the 14th instead of the 24th of the month.
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I'm feeling a little more drowsy than normal, and this morning I was nauseated but nothing was surfacing. Well I believe it was May 7th I had dark brown spotting an it lasted maybe 2 days, I don't quite remember but that's it, no regular blood, I thought I was supposed to start my period the 12th of May or around there an it is now the 19th of May an I haven't had my period, I haven't had any cramping to indicate that Im going to start my period like I usually do a couple days before I actually start my period, an my mom an best friend usually start after me an my mom just started an I havent but I've randomly broke out all over which never happens, an I have dark hairs growing around my nipples, I took a test last week but my local family planning said it could be to soon, but could it be possible that I am pregnant? I'm having very little pains in my lower abdomen, and I'm due for my period anytime from the 23rd-25th of November.

Today is the 8th and when i got up to go to the bathroom and wipe i noticed brown discharge there was no smell and i am worried cause this isnt normal. Am I crazy or could I be pregnant I have been reading stuff but don't wan to get worked up about it also that's Monday the 26 I woke up feeling really bloated, please give me some info I haven taken a pregnancy test since but my urin does seem to smell stronger ever since the first Sunday but now I feel fine on and off random nausea help!!!! You can consider taking urine pregnancy test 18-20 days after ovulation day, or after 7-10 days of missed periods. What concerns me is that I had a vaginal bacterial infection during the last week of june and between july 19 - July 22.

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