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What is an abnormal uterus?A small number of women have a uterus that differs from the norm in structure, rather than position. It's also hard to pin down numbers because only some women will have their abnormality identified.
A unicornuate uterus is half the size of a normal uterus and there is only one fallopian tube. Instead of being pear-shaped, this type of uterus is shaped like a heart, with a deep indentation at the top.
This is where the inside of the uterus is divided by a muscular or fibrous wall, called the septum. This looks more like a normal uterus, except it has a dip, or slight indentation at the top.
If you are having fertility problems, your doctor will refer you to a specialist to see if it has anything to do with your uterus or fallopian tubes. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. I have had 2 miscarriages one at 1 month and one at 2 months the first miscarriage my baby didnt have a heartbeat and the second miscarriage my baby failed to grow so the sac was growing on its own. Actually, just so you're aware, an HSG is NOT a good way to diagnose what type of uterine anomaly you have. Like I said before, if you're having recurrent miscarriages, I would really see a specialist, get a proper diagnoses, and have the septum removed to help ensure successfull pregnancy.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. It is believed that the most favorable time for conception of twins is considered to be spring, when there is an increase of the day, as the length of daylight depends hormone. Of course, women who have sisters or brothers-twins have a better chance of conceiving twins.
In women who seek help for infertility, the rates of uterine abnormalities are estimated to be up to one in 13 women (Chan et al 2011a,b). But, generally speaking, uterine abnormalities do not affect your ability to become pregnant.
Depending on the abnormality, it may make it more difficult for you to carry your baby for the full nine months of pregnancy.
It's thought to affect between one woman in 4,000 and one woman in 10,000 (ACOG Committee on Adolescent Health Care 2006). The condition can be treated with surgery, and if you have agenesis of the uterus, you should be offered counselling, too. Each cavity may lead to its own cervix and vagina, so there are two cervixes and two vaginas. It is a common abnormality, affecting about one in 25 women in the general population (Chan et al 2011a).
Liquid containing the dye is flowed into your uterus and fallopian tubes via a fine tube (catheter).
A hysteroscope is a thin, telescope-like device that is placed into your uterus via your vagina and cervix.

I found out i have a bicournuate uterus and ive been trying again to have a baby but so frightened im not going to be able to have children and that all im going to do is have another miscarriage just need some support or advice on this? I am about to have my second period since my d&c this coming week and then my husband and I will start trying again.
I rushed in to the ER and they did an ultrasound and found out that I was just having a period on the other side of my BU.
If you are having numerous first-trimester miscarriages, it's much more likely that you have a septate uterus rather than a bicornuate uterus. You need to be able to see the outside the uterus to determine what type of anomaly you have -- they may look exactly the same on HSG.
If you do end up having a bicornuate uterus, which doesn't cause first trimester miscarriages, then you can investigate what else may be causing issues.
I have a Bicornuate uterus,  My MC's wasnt the cause of of my uterus .   Just a thought - if anyone els found out they was pregnant late or shown positive late - ? After all, twins and triplets often cause others attention and affection, despite the fact that they bring up – twice as hard. It is also noticed that the conception of twins may also affect the duration of the menstrual cycle.
Also, if your family, especially the mother, the twins are often born, it is possible that you will be born as twins. The ability of the sperm to get to your fallopian tubes via your uterus has nothing to do with its position.
While in women with a history of late miscarriage, the rates are higher still at up to one in three women (Chan et al 2011b, RCOG 2011).
It is a rare abnormality, affecting about one in 1,000 women in the general population (Chan et al 2011a). It's thought that fewer than one in two hundred women in the general population have a bicornuate uterus (Chan et al 2011a). The septum may extend only part way into the uterus (partial septate uterus) or it may reach as far as the cervix (complete septate uterus). MRI scans use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce a detailed image of the inside of your body.
This will give your doctor a picture of how well your uterus and fallopian tubes are working. For example, if you have a septate uterus, one of your options is surgery to have the septum removed.
It does far less damage to your uterus than open surgery but it has not been shown to increase the rate of pregnancy in women with infertility (NCCWCH 2013:186). The prevalence of congenital uterine anomalies in unselected and high-risk populations: a systematic review.
The investigation and treatment of couples with recurrent first-trimester and second-trimester miscarriage. Magnetic resonance imaging of uterine version in a multiethnic, nulliparous, healthy female population. But if this is possible, especially to plan the birth of twins and become a mom of two babies at once?

According to recent studies, women who during pregnancy breastfed, there is a chance of multiple births.
In the general population, it's thought that somewhere between one woman in 100 and one woman in 20 has a uterine abnormality (Chan et al 2011a, b). It is possible to conceive if you have this type of abnormality, and have a straight forward pregnancy (Chan et al 2011b). It develops in the earliest stages of life, when the tissue that forms the uterus does not grow properly.
It shouldn't affect your fertility, but you have a higher risk of miscarriage if you do conceive (Chan et al 2011b). This type of examination will only be used if you and your doctor are sure you are not already pregnant. He will then pass a tube with a camera (endoscope) through the cut to examine you internally.How are uterine abnormalities treated? The relationship between breastfeeding and multiple pregnancy allegedly due to depletion of calcium in lactating women, which affects the egg during conception and ovulation. This is explained by the possibility of fertilization by more than one egg at any time of ovulation.
The upper portion is called the fundus and this is where the fertilised egg grows into a baby. It's not strictly speaking an abnormality, because it affects the position, rather than the structure, of the uterus.
A septate uterus may make it more difficult for you to conceive and may increase your risk of miscarriage (Chan et al 2011b).
Is there anyone else out there with a similar story and has gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?
It is known that women of a certain nationality, for example, the percentage of African-American birth of twins is higher than in women of other nationalities. Of course, increased the chances of conceiving twins, triplets and even in women taking hormones and undergoing procedures in vitro (IVF). My hormones get really crazy sometimes… And I feel sometime something twisting in my stomach.
Two fallopian tubes, each connected to an egg-filled ovary, enter your uterus on either side at the top.
This may be due to enhanced ovulation of several eggs, leading to the birth of fraternal twins. However, on their own without a doctor’s prescription to take these drugs are dangerous to health.

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