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During this time the respiratory system along with the digestive system are also in the formation stage.
At this stage your fluid requirement have enhanced, surely drink adequate quantity of water for hydration during severe vomiting.
You should stop exercising and consult your doctor immediately if after or during exercise Vaginal bleeding gets heavier and is of a bright red color and if you experience headaches.
The optic vesicles start developing this week just beside the head which afterwards shapes out to be your baby’s eyes. The main reason is you cannot jump aboard any exercise routine or program like you used to earlier.

Women who have had a vaginal birth should wait at least 4 weeks while those who have had a C-section should wait minimum 10 weeks before they start exercising.
Research states exercise, especially high intensity exercise, results in the accumulation of lactic acid in breast milk. Alcohol and drugs to be avoided and also treatments related to hair coloring, manicures, perms, etc should be strictly avoided. The body is still in the recovery mode and exerting it beyond its capacity can cause complications. Wear a cotton, wide strapped well fitting nursing bra for better support when breastfeeding.

It conditions and strengthens the different muscle groups affected because of childbearing. An active lifestyle post delivery is useful to deal with mood swings, stress, depression and energy slumps in the postpartum period.
The loosened joints and ligaments make you more susceptible to serious injury even in case of minor accidents.

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