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Because of the time taken to perform the genetic testing, the embryos must be vitrified (frozen) following biopsy.
Anna began her career in Naturopathy in Sydney working at Wholistic Health Care, a Centre that specialised in family health care and the treatment of children. At Well2 we know that a personal connection with your practitioner is very important so we would like to introduce our team. These treatments involve screening IVF generated embryos for genetic conditions prior to embryo transfer. This enables patients to access the highest levels of expertise without having to leave their home state. For more information about Monash IVF PGS and PGD services, please call 1800 628 533 or complete the enquiry form below.

Anna was then invited to join Francesca Naish and the team at the Jocelyn Centre, the pre-eminent clinic for Natural Fertility Management in Australia.
Our practitioners are experienced, dedicated and caring people who will work with you to get the best possible outcome. This enables the genetic status of an embryo to be determined before a pregnancy is established. The resulting embryos are cultured in the laboratory and their growth is monitored on a daily basis. If available, one or two ‘normal’ embryos can be thawed for use in a frozen embryo transfer cycle. In 2004 after the birth of her first child Anna returned to Perth, Western Australia to set up the City Beach Naturopathic Centre to combine her two main interests, the treatment of reproductive problems and the treatment of children.

Anna is a passionate naturopath dedicated to helping her patients overcome fertility issues to have a healthy baby.
By this time, the embryo should have developed to the blastocyst stage, and should be comprised of an inner cell mass (which will go on to form the fetus) and trophectoderm cells (which will go on to form the placenta). Anna works in close connection with medical doctors to access the best of both natural and orthodox medicine in order to provide her patients with the best care and most appropriate treatment possible.   Anna is also devoted to the area of children’s health and firmly believes that setting the framework for a healthy childhood is essential for health in later life. Embryos need to have a clear inner cell mass and a suitable number of healthy trophectoderm cells to be considered suitable for biopsy.

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