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Moms like options and the options are endless when it comes to Inglot eye shadows, which work into the brand's fab "freedom system." This means you can customize a palette (from one to 40 colors!), which is perfect for moms who are running off to watch soccer practice one day and then want to get gussied up for a night on the town the next. My favorite feature is the FREE 2-day shipping.  It will save you a TON on shipping fees and get your packages to you fast! NOTE: You will be billed the $99 at the end of your Free 30 Day Trial unless you cancel your membership before then.

I did just that in January, on the "Elon Musk Challenge," spending a little under $62 on food over the course of the 31-day month. Yes, I've heard that Aldi is cheaper, and I probably could have found better deals at a local market, but Trader Joe's is conveniently located in my neighborhood and I know the lay of the land.

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