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News of Megan Fox‘s most recent pregnancy may have only broken in April, but she’s already almost set to welcome her new baby! Fox has been making the rounds on late-night shows to promote her new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which premiered Friday. Photo provided by Diana Morris -- Travis Darries, 38, was shot to death in New Orleans East on May 14. Advocate photo by SOPHIA GERMER -- Diana Morris stands by a window in New Orleans East, Wednesday May 18, 2016.
Advocate photo by SOPHIA GERMER -- Diana Morris stands by a window on Wednesday May 18, 2016.
Photo provided by Diana Morris-Travis Darries, 38, was shot to death in New Orleans East on May 14. Morris, a 31-year-old nurse at University Medical Center, said her composure comes from “prayer and family and that little girl that just walked in this house. It was a senseless killing, she said, the kind that she and Darries used to complain about as they watched the evening news. Darries pleaded guilty in October 2010 and was given a five-year sentence, the minimum allowed under Texas law, with credit for time served.
Corey Darries said his brother was a hard worker and would discuss his trade with pride at weekend barbecues or crawfish boils.

Travis Darries already had four children and Morris had one girl when the two met on Mardi Gras Day 2014 at a West Bank nightclub. On the night Darries was killed, Morris said, she was working a night shift at the hospital, tending to a patient in the late stages of cancer. She watched the emergency room’s list of new patients, hoping his name would appear, but it never did. Corey Darries said his devastated mother was rushed to the hospital Monday for treatment of a high heart rate. On Tuesday, she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she joked about a special connection she felt with her unborn child. She could hear him griping about his neighbor’s parking job as he shuffled up to his apartment door in the early morning darkness. Mother and son were especially close, he said, because they shared the same red-toned skin. In August 2008, according to police, he shot and killed a man in a Dallas apartment complex’s parking lot in a dispute over money.
After his release, he returned to New Orleans and got a job as a construction worker at the new Veterans Affairs hospital in Mid-City. Morris said she was attracted to the older man’s well-built body and powerful self-confidence.

Finally, she drove to the street where he was shot, just in time to watch the coroner’s van driving away. Morris said she has talked to NOPD homicide Detective Tindell Murdock every day since the killing, but he seems no closer to an explanation than she is.
Authorities have asked anyone with information about the killing to call him at (504) 658-5300.
She said she would like to know why Darries was shot, but she doubts that knowing who did it would make raising her unborn daughter any easier. Prosecutors said he was a member of the Bloods street gang and had taken part in the manufacture of crack cocaine. The day after the killing, Morris went to a baby shower for Corey Darries’ child because it gave her a chance to see the family. And when they do, they often have to euthanize otherwise healthy animals a€” especially pregnant ones a€” to prevent overcrowding.So when Dr.

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