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Jamillah Falls appears in drug court on charges of assault for using heroin while pregnant, July 31, 2014, in Memphis, Tennessee. Talbott and NAMA are among a growing band of addiction specialists, doctors and advocates who are deeply apprehensive about the new law. In theory, a woman who gives birth to a sick baby could avoid the misdemeanor-assault charge that SB1391 carries by successfully completing a court-approved drug-rehab program. However, if a woman doesna€™t disclose her drug use, her baby may experience unnecessary withdrawal symptoms because doctors dona€™t realize that the baby needs treatment, say addiction specialists.
Jen from the clinic, pregnant and hooked on heroin, says her family doesna€™t understand her treatment. State mental health authorities have said repeatedly that they dona€™t want to lock up women in methadone treatment, but they have no authority over the prosecutors, Rodney Bragg, assistant commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, said in an interview with Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly. If a woman manages to start medication-assisted treatment before she gives birth, therea€™s no guarantee that a judge will regard this kind of therapy as a legitimate treatment program for the purposes of a defense under the law, says Wally Kirby, executive director of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference. Further, the law only allows an affirmative defense if aA woman successfully completes a treatment program, but unlike a 28-day detox, medication-assisted recovery doesna€™t have a clear end date. The influential Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference backed SB1391 and Kirby says it will be up to a judge to decide whether a treatment program is a legally acceptable defense, but predicts methadone wona€™t qualify.
But ita€™s not a lack of motivation thata€™s stopping more women from enrolling in treatment programs, say advocates. SB1391 didna€™t create any new openings in treatment programs or provide additional funds to care for new patients a€” and the system is already strained. In addition, only a handful of residential programs in the state allow pregnant women to attend with their children.
But Great Starts has a waiting list of half a year or longer, and the law doesna€™t say what happens if a woman seeks treatment but cana€™t get into a program. Many of the residents at Great Starts come from families in which addiction is a multigenerational problem. CeeGee lives with her infant daughter, Blessed, in a room she shares with another recovering addict and her baby in the Great Starts treatment center.
Sharida Payne, 29, arrived at Great Starts on May 12 with her 9-year-old daughter and an infant daughter.
Payne says that if SB1391 had been in effect when she gave birth, it might have scared her away a€?from going to the hospital and seeking care for my baby, because I wouldna€™t want to end up in jail.a€? She wishes there were more treatment options available so that pregnant women could get help before they deliver. According to Kelly Cardona, pregnant drug users are unfairly stereotyped as not wanting to stop or not caring about their children.
Though 17 other states consider prenatal drug use to be a form of child abuse under civil child-welfare laws, with SB1391, Tennessee became the first to explicitly define harming a fetus with prenatal drug use as assault. As Lynn Paltrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, a nonprofit that focuses on the rights of pregnant women, explained, the law was amended in 2012 in an effort to clarify its original intent. Jack Merica’s arms and hands are underdeveloped due to the anti-morning sickness drug thalidomide that his mother took while pregnant with him in the late 1950s.
Merica was born with asymmetrical-bilateral phocomelia, a condition in which the upper part of an arm or leg is under-developed or non-existent.
I was pregnant in 1960 and had such bad morning sickness that I had to pin my skirts to my sweaters or they would otherwise fall off. We don't hear much about thalidomide children anymore and coincidentally I wrote an editorial on this topic not too long ago to illustrate why government regulations are not always a bad thing.
DES was given to those pregnant in the 1950s - it was a med that would inhibit spontaneous miscarriage.
Years later, it was found that in women whose mother took DES during pregnancy, there was a predisposition to certain vaginal dysplasias. I think they are now using thalidomide for cancer patients; I read about that not long ago.
So be thankful that you were in the right place and right time to have a chance at a good life. One point that is being complete missed here is that we continue to test on animals thinking that these results translate to humans.
Do you need a medical degree to deduct some hapless people ( guinea pigs) might get messed up BADLy? Those that have been affected should receive compensation in some form, if not just monetarily. Just think, if the moms of all the thalidomide babies smoked cannabis instead of taking thalidomide, there would be no thalidomide babies.
Smoking is pretty much always bad because of the tar, but there are plenty of medicinal cannabis solutions that could help with morning sickness that are ingested and not smoked. You are one of the unfortunate reasons why cannabis is having such a hard time becoming legalized. While correct that it wasn't approved by the FDA, according to Wikipedia, it was distributed in the USA as part of an experimental trial.

Yes, I believe they should be financially compensated but since the company has now taken all these years just to own up to what the drug has done. I would venture to guess that this company that made this medication would pay for all medical costs related to the deformity. In her mid-30s, with large brown eyes and a nose ring, she anxiously twirls the cord on her gray hoodie as her blond, school-age daughter silently draws elaborate fluorescent designs on the conference room white board.
While supporters of SB1391 say it will serve as an incentive to get pregnant addicts into rehab, they worry that women will stop seeking medical help for fear of being prosecuted. Mallory Loyola, 26, of Madisonville, in eastern Tennessee, was charged with assault after she gave birth on July 6 to a baby girl who tested positive for amphetamine.
Babies born to mothers who use opiates during pregnancy sometimes suffer from withdrawal at birth, crying inconsolably and having difficulty feeding. Her mother sees methadone use as just another form of addiction, while her sister is using SB1391 to pressure Jen to sign over custody of her 5-year-old daughter. A Tennessee addiction specialist who offers medication-assisted treatment and has worked with the statea€™s drug courts said that many judges still have a€?a 1960s mentalitya€? when it comes to medication-assisted treatment and dismiss it as a way of coddling addicts in the guise of recovery. Under federal law, they must report to a clinic at least six days a week for the first three months of treatment. The law doesna€™t say what kind of treatment qualifies and the statea€™s substance-abuse department says there are no plans to develop any guidelines. An earlier version of SB1391 would have given prosecutors the power to charge women with homicide if their drug use caused a miscarriage, but that language was stricken beforeA the governor signed the bill. Mary Linden Salter of the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug and Other Addiction Services, estimates that about 4,700 pregnant women in the state need treatment for addiction to illicit drugs each year.
Rebecca Kelly Cardona is the clinical director of one of them, the Great Starts program in Knoxville. State law gives priority to pregnant women for drug treatment, but not for housing while theya€™re in outpatient treatment. CeeGee (identified by her nickname to protect her privacy), 31, who has been in treatment for five months for alcohol and marijuana addiction, says her grandfather started giving her beer when she was in diapers. In addition to providing 12-step programs designed to fight addiction, the group teaches job and parenting skills and supervises visits with children who have been taken away by social services. A longtime opiate addict, Payne used prescription pills throughout her pregnancy, seeking outpatient help when she was about six months along. Tennessee has had so-called fetus-as-victim laws on the books since 1989, after a drunken driver killed a woman who was eight months pregnant. His left arm is 16 inches from shoulder to fingertip and his right arm is 28 inches, shoulder to fingertip. Physicians continue to face more and more pay cuts while fighting the current beuracracy that has become medicine. I'd like to thank the christian religion for the backward thinking that made cannabis illegal. However, there is NEVER ANY reason that a pregnant woman should smoke weed to deal with morning sickness. Jamillah Falls, 30, of Memphis was charged with assault after delivering a baby girl who tested positive for heroin and marijuana. If a woman seeks medication-assisted treatment for a heroin addiction and her baby is born with NAS, the legal question becomes, what caused the harm, the heroin or the methadone? Jen says her mother resents the $25 Jen spends on gas each day to get to the clinic and accuses her of a€?taking moneya€? from her child. In some parts of east Tennessee, the nearest methadone clinic is more than 50 miles away, forcing patients to make the long trip for three months. According to a nationwide survey, only 26 percent of drug courts allow pregnant women to use opiate agonists such as methadone as part of their treatment. According to Kirby, the goal of the legislation is to hold a a€?velvet hammera€? over the heads of pregnant drug addicts to make them get treatment. Her program at Vanderbilt University, which treats about 50 women at a time, typically has a six- to eight-week waiting list. Therea€™s an 18-month waiting list for subsidized housing for women with children, she says. Great Starts is helping CeeGee reconnect with her three other children, who have never met their baby sister. Her caregivers warned her not to quit cold turkey while she was pregnant, so Payne looked into methadone treatment. After she got out of the hospital, the baby was sent to live with a host family until a slot opened up for her family at Great Starts. The original law only applied to viable fetuses, but in 2011, it was broadened to include nonviable fetuses. Martin, who gave birth to a baby boy at Sweetwater Hospital, 45 minutes southwest of Knoxville, admitted to using opiates during her pregnancy.

Sitting in the waiting room of her pediatrician’s office in 1964, when she opened Life magazine to a story with pictures of children in Europe with birth defects linked to thalidomide. I truly wish I could trust that the people in power over me have my best interests at heart, but I'd have to find their heart first.
This makes for far less qualified people in healthcare because smart people no longer are interested!
I'm sure there are people who have never heard of it before, and will further educate themselves and realize the daily struggles you endure. You are correct that we all must face each day as it comes but kindness does more good than most other things.
Two patients, Mona and Jen (whose names have been changed to protect their privacy), are in an upstairs conference room. Young says pregnancy is often a poor womana€™s first opportunity to seek treatment for a drug problem because shea€™s not covered by the statea€™s Medicaid program until she gets pregnant. But one clinic wasna€™t taking Medicaid patients like her, and the other had what she calls a a€?ridiculously longa€? waiting list. In 2012, the state legislature expanded the definition of an assault or homicide victim to include an embryo at any stage of development. Paltrow argues that the law could theoretically be applied to a woman who harmed her fetus by underage drinking or reckless driving. She refused drug treatment when social workers offered it to her during her pregnancy and her son subsequently tested positive for opiates and was diagnosed with NAS.A Martin spent five days in jail, according to the Monroe County Sherriffa€™s Department. What I have learned is power really does corrupt, and when there is money involved the person facing you does not give a rats ass how it turns out for YOU.
No experimental drugs have approval until they clinical trials and studies are completed and have found them within safe limits. With them is a counselor and Zac Talbott from the National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery, or NAMA, a patientsa€™ rights advocacy group. If properly managed, NAS is a transient condition, treated with a tapering dose of opiates to wean the baby off the drugs without causing withdrawal. The baby developed withdrawal symptoms, including muscle twitches, a few days after birth and spent three and a half weeks in the hospital. The 2011 version of the law contained no exception for a womana€™s actions toward her own fetus, so a pregnant woman in Tennessee could have been charged with criminal homicide for causing her own miscarriage, though legal scholars and medical professionals interviewed for this story could not recall a case in which this actually happened. Professor Dwight Aarons of the University of Tennessee College of Law agrees that if prosecutors use this law recklessly, it could turn a minor infraction like jaywalking into a much more serious offense if a womana€™s fetus is harmed a€” though he admits this would be an extreme example. There are other people with disablities in the world that are far more inspirational than I, Clay Dyer, for example.
Wikipedia says that the two structures interconvert but doesn't give the rate constant for that. The gold standardA of care for women who want to quit opiates like heroin or hydrocodone during pregnancy, methadone is itself a prescription opiate that works by reducing cravings and decreasing the risk of relapse. He adds that asking women to live in a particularly careful manner just because theya€™re pregnant makes them a€?third-class citizensa€? under the law. Do we want to make it worthwhile for smart people to continue to go into medicine or trade that for cheap imposters?
Most importantly, it eliminates withdrawal symptoms, which are especially dangerous for pregnant women because withdrawal can cause premature labor or stillbirth.A Today, the group is talking about SB1391, a new state law that went into effect July 1 and gives prosecutors the power to jail women who give birth to babies a€?addicted to or harmed bya€? illegal drugs. Robert Newman, president emeritus at New Yorka€™s Beth Israel Medical Center, says, a€?There has never been any evidence suggesting that [NAS] leads to lasting problems.a€? It is misleading to refer to NAS babies as a€?addicted,a€? he adds, because a newborn cana€™t meet the behavioral criteria used to define addiction. It is terrible, but there is a reason why taking experimental drugs in this day and age requires informed consents, waivers, and all sorts of legal mumbo jumbo.
The story that I read said that the production synthesis created a racemic mixture of the enantiomers from the very start and that was the process that led to all the birth defects in later trials and use. It's what moves us forward with out outside motivation but simply because we have to move forward. If that is true, it is very sad but could be just a mistake on the part of the synthetic chemists who designed the process that led to all the problems – not to excuse it. Courage is trying to do something you may not be able to do completely but the failure of the action doesn't matter.
But people should also remember this was decades ago when the potential consequences weren't as well understood.

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