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Welcome to BabyCenter Join today to receive free newsletters tracking your baby's development. Most Popular on BabyCenter Signs of labourHow will you know when it's time to meet your baby? Hot on BabyCenter Cord blood bankingFind out all about your options for collecting your baby's cord blood. Workouts? With everything going on with the girls I have been told no exercising whatsoever. What I miss: I miss not worrying about our babies and simply being excited for them to come. I know every doctor and every study says there is nothing I did to cause this and there is nothing I can do to prevent what is going to happen.
And trust me there is a lot of other things going on in my head, but it is too hard to put on paper. I have one little boy but I always said if he had been a girl, I probably would’ve named him the same thing, Rylnn. If you like twin names that go together but aren’t too matchy, there are lots of options.
Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping the rest of your pregnancy is as healthy and happy as possible. My name is Renee and I am a 30 year old wife and mother to four little girls; a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old identical twin girls. We had this same diagnosis at 37 weeks preg (planned a home birth, for which we needed a scan to be sure baby was not breech).
AT our 20 weeks ultrasound I was told baby was to be born with the third finger missing on his right hand.
I was told that he is not going to miss his finger and it is not necessary for grasping or of the important functions of his hand so we are okay.
With my DS they told me the same thing, so my OB refer’d me to a Neonatal specialist. I’m 38 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, and during my 20 week ultrasound, the doctor told me that there was a small amount of fluid in his kidneys. My DD is almost 9 months, and one of her kidneys was dilated at our routine 22wk prenatal ultrasound. I know what you are going through is scary, but try to enjoy every step as much as possible. We went through the same thing with our daughter, but it had cleared for our follow-up scan.
I have 3 Children and this will make number 4, but I am so small with this one, it feels so different.
With my first child I had complications arise at the 20 week ultrasound, he had more fluid in his brain then he was supposed to. Ultrasounds can be useful, but are a great way to scare pregnant moms (a national pastime in my opinion). Most Popular on BabyCenter 10 ways to cope with labour painLearn techniques to help you cope with labour pain! Neelanjana SinghNutritionistIt's only natural for your baby to prefer sweet flavours, because breastmilk contains milk sugars.
How long is it safe to keep leftovers in the fridge given the frequent power cuts?Is it safe to eat soft boiled or raw eggs during pregnancy?I'm overweight and pregnant.
Descubra em nossos videos como o bebe se desenvolve dentro do utero,como o sexo da crianca se define e como cuidar de um recem-nascido.

Cadastre-se ja para receber boletins gratis sobre sua gravidez e o desenvolvimento do seu bebe. Cadastre-se e receba emails semanais gratis, alem de ofertas e novidades sobre o desenvolvimento do seu bebe. I just read what’s been going on in your last few pregnancy posts, and I am so so sorry. Basically, the kidneys will still be functioning normally, but the dilation is a sign that there is a blockage in the urinary tract that needs to be fixed. I’ve been very aware all along that to have a healthy baby, a million things have to go right. My daughter had choiroid plexal cysts, something you spot on an ultrasound that CAN indicate very serious developmental disorders sounds as the like-downs-but-worse trisomy 18. She had one enlarged kidney for about six weeks, so three scans for me, and then it cleared up on its own.
She worried and prayed for a whole week thinking that her only son, her fourth baby, was going to be sick. She said that it wasn’t anything to worry about, and I asked my friend, a nephrologist, who said the same thing. Even knowng that it will probably be very easily fixed and will not be a life-long problem, still is scary. I was also told she would most likely not have the issue after birth, but we do and it’s managable!
I always felt like it made me very stressed during the pregnancy but I was more prepared when he arrived. I actually have a frenemy who recently had a baby, and she had the exact same thing on her ultrasounds.
We went back many times for prenatal follow up, because as you said, 95% of these cases clear up. The ultrasound technologist whispered to us that everything would be fine and that she sees dilated kidneys frequently, not to say that it shouldn’t be followed of course. I dont have the baby bump but the doctor said that it is all good and the baby is just fine.. Follow-up ultrasounds every four weeks kept showing an enlarged right kidney, and my doc induced me at 36 weeks out of fear that the kidney would rupture.
How much sleep your baby really needs20 healthy pregnancy snacksGetting pregnant in your 20'sHow can I ensure my toddler gets enough iron? It's the perfect place to share stories, photos, videos and advice with other mums and mums-to-be just like you. Fit for Motherhood is my journey through motherhood, pregnancy and life in general all while trying my best to be fit and healthy. Fit for Motherhood is my journey through motherhood, pregnancy, and life in general; all while trying to be fit and healthy, most of the time. I still feel like the luckiest woman alive: A problem like this either fixes itself before birth or in one little surgery afterwards, so in the long run this seems pretty minor to me.
Basically, if there is a healthy amount of fluid, it shows the kidneys are working properly. I chose for conservative treatment with just monitoring for a little while, just because the risks were so great with him so little yet and I wanted him to grow more. The jerk of a doctor on duty told us those 2 things likely meant Trisomy 18 and started talking termination! I worry most that I will go into labor early (I’m 30 weeks today) and my baby will have to spend time in the NICU without me.

We found out we were having a little boy, but they also saw enlarged kidneys and what looked like an echogenic bowel (soft marker for down’s). My pregnancy was totally worry free except for that ultrasound but unfortunately my water broke seven weeks early in the middle of the night while lying in bed. Join a group or Birth Club to make friends with others who'll know just what you're going through, because they are too! I read somewhere when I was pregnant with Sophia that said scratching can cause stretch marks. I was going in weekly for ultrasounds and doctor visits, and at one visit, the sound was completely gone. After the baby was born it turned out it was an infection, and it was cleared up with a round of oral antibiotics.
After her birth, Annalise went through a rigorous amount of testing, and finally had corrective surgery about a month ago. In our case, the dilated renal pelvis (part of the duct leading to the bladder) indicated our baby has a slight backflow of urine from the bladder back towards the kidney.
But I am a big worrier anyway, so I always find something to worry about, usually baseless. Don’t worry about potential problems, just be excited that this person is being gifted to you, exactly the way they are!
Yes, it has been a worry, and she has been on antibiotics since the age of 6 weeks (a bladder infection could harm her kidney). With my 2nd DD, she had some fluid around one of her kidneys that they kept a close eye on… but it had resolved itself by birth.
I think they did just as much trying to hear it or recreate it again as they had when they first discovered it.
Besides having to fast for the surgery, and one time having to get an IV for a test (without being under anesthesia for it!), it really wasn’t that bad.
And I stopped looking most medical stuff up on the internet long ago…I worry enough as it is! But she is growing out of it and in all likelihood (like we’re 95% sure) she will not need surgery.
At this point we only had what was assumed to be a cleft lip and palate…and he was born with the most minor cleft lip and no palate involvement! Most kids that have this type thing DO grow out of it, so hopefully your baby will also be OK.
He has his lip repaired at 4 months and has been perfectly healthy…just turned 2 last week!
His kidenys were enlarged still, so we went to the specialist once a month (which turned out great, because I got to see my little man so much more oftern than we had planned. I still hate what that first doctor put us through, but love that we had such a great outcome to what was once assumed to be the worst. I hope you don’t have to go through what we did, but all in all, I still feel blessed.
Then all of a sudden, they were normal… He is now 7 months and has no health issues and just last night went from army crawling everywhere to full-fledge crawling on all fours.

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