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I see this question a lot: Ever since Twitter web interface stopped showing an app each Tweet was sent from. Hootsuite is one of those multi-purpose apps that have something for anyone, including tracking the app use. Echofon is a free iOS and Android app that has a very robust Twitter functionality including push notifications and inline photo previews. The post Which Twitter App a Tweet Was Sent From: Quick Tip appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog. Quality Score is a metric used by major PPC platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads and others that helps determine the eligibility of an advertisement being shown in the search results, its ad position, and the cost the advertiser will be charged for that ad position. The higher the Quality Score (QS), the less an advertiser will pay per click in relation to others bidding on the same keyword.
Building a well-organized and systematic account structure is key to the health of your Quality Scores. Platforms like AdWords value a high degree of relevancy between your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. It’s important to follow best practices for PPC landing page user experience when optimizing your QS. Expected clickthrough rates (CTRs) are also taken into consideration when assigning Quality Scores.
As an active PPC advertiser, you should always be on the lookout for new and more valuable keywords to bid on.
Quality Score optimization can seem daunting at first, but making some small changes can have a major impact on account performance and improve results. In technical discussions, we’ll look at a debate about AMP and mobile pages, how to persuade local businesses about the importance of search engines, and more. So, as you’ve probably noticed, your desktop searches and your mobile searches can often return very different results.
In this thread, goodroi and other users discuss how webmasters can convince Google that their sites are worthy of trust.
Goodroi also recommends HTTPS, bounce rate monitoring, brand building, social media, and more.
There’s plenty of in depth information about this important topic – give this thread a read for sure! Then they went a step further and removed a second group of websites owned by the same webmaster. Cases like this pop up rather frequently, but this is the first one where a judge sided so strongly against Google.
On Cre8asiteforums there’s an interesting discussion about the tendency of smaller businesses to ignore search engines and even websites. It’s a tricky topic, but also one of those business-focused ones that I personally love to read! If you thought that WebmasterWorld was just about web development and marketing, then this thread will prove you wrong. WebmasterWorld users sound mostly glad to see Google getting slapped around – but some users are wondering if this raid was just a bit of political theater. User Cat-MoreNiche reports that they’ve seen the changes in some of their GA accounts – have you?
The post The Determination of Trust and Other Stories: Weekly Forum Update appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog.
UTM codes are simple snippets of code appended to the end of URLs that communicate with the GA code on your website.
This data can power big picture decisions like which channels you should be investing in, what changes to make to the site to improve user experience, and so much more. Luckily, Google AdWords and some other platforms like Bing Ads have built in functionality to tag your URLs without any extra work. Luckily, Google has created a very simple tool to help us out with this, because if you are like me, the idea of writing custom URL parameters is not the most comforting. Fill out this quick form and Google will generate a ready-made custom URL that you can literally copy and paste. Amazon and Google are duking it out for your voice-controlled living room for some very specific, obvious reasons. It matters because the short-hand language of digital sentiment is being created, right now, right in front of us. We rightly evaluate this data against our user journey maps, and adjust our models based on how accurately we predicted some final outcome (hopefully a huge conversion). Hint: Listening to customers talk to each other about your products in a store is really similar. Today, Facebook is talking about how to let its users express themselves more fully or accurately, without opening the door too much wider to the troll in each of us.
But see this move for what it truly is: step one toward a quantum leap forward in sentiment mining for marketing.
The biggest question on my mind at this point is still whether Facebook can act patiently enough to make these new emotional signs a social norm, or if they’ll rush in and create a passing fancy.
If the holy grail of digital marketing is surfacing sentiment, at scale, and turning that into truly actionable insight, the process of collecting it must be at worst benign.
Oh, and by the way, whoever does pull off creating the shorthand language for sharing sentiment between people wins social media for the next ten years.

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ADVICE WARNING – This is part of a series of SEO ranking tests that look at traditional ranking signals and their effects on SERP positions.
Quality Score (QS) can also be a helpful warning signal when there are particular ad groups or campaigns in a PPC account that need to be optimized; as a rule of thumb, the better your Quality Score, the better your ads perform. Quality Score is comprised of several things, such as expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. To improve ad position for a given keyword, advertisers are presented with two options: increase the maximum cost-per-click bid, or improve the Quality Score of the keyword. Understanding what Quality Score is and how it plays into your PPC performance is important for all PPC advertisers to understand. Landing page quality: The landing page associated with each ad and keyword should be relevant to the search query, useful, and user-friendly. Targeted devices: How well the ad performs on different devices, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
Quality Score is a reflection of the health of your campaigns and influences overall account performance. Actual cost per click (CPC): Higher Quality Scores allow you to bid for top positions, so achieving a high QS can help stretch your PPC budget. Ad position and top of page bid estimate: High QS can lead to higher ad positions which will help clickthrough rates.
Cost per conversion: By paying less per click, advertisers tracking conversions could see significant decreases in the cost they pay per conversion. And we used to talk a lot about apps, and about whether to use an HTML web app vs a native app, how hard it was for the average app to stand out from all the noise in the app store, and about app store optimization (ASO) harking back to the old days of SEO, with its emphasis on keywords for ranking.
So what are the key ways in which we're seeing this shift in user behavior change our approach to SEO?
A new version of the update has recently rolled out, so we can expect to see further impact from this in the next few months. What should we do about it?The key action here is to ensure that your site passes the mobile-friendly test, and to check Google Search Console reports for mobile-specific errors.
Site speed and page load timesHand in hand with the focus on mobile-friendliness, there is also a push towards improving site speed and page load times. Google are not the only ones addressing this issue: Facebook Instant Articles and Apple Newsstand both use in-app versions of content pages to speed up the loading process, and some publishers have also created their own native apps to help solve this.
Google’s solution to this is their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), which allows publishers and creators of editorial content to build versions of their pages with stripped-back, skeleton HTML, following a set of rules which guarantee speed and force distribution (an important thing to be aware of if you choose to utilize this approach). Mobile-first design of SERPsThis third key area is around Google making desktop search look and feel more like mobile search.
What should we do about it?There’s not a huge amount that can be done to address this trend head-on. In addition, you may want to shift some of your focus towards building out your top-of-funnel search strategy, to target less commercial keywords where you will have fewer paid ads to compete with.
App integration with web searchGoogle needs to find a way to integrate app content with the rest of the web, or they risk becoming irrelevant. In fact, this information offers a lot of useful information: Which apps does your competitor uses to schedule updates? Just set up a column (or several columns) to monitor your competitors and you’ll see which apps they are using to tweet and schedule tweets.
Ensuring that ad groups and campaigns are arranged into tightly-knit themes of keywords will provide a foundation for strong QS. This will not only help improve your QS, but will help improve your conversion rate as well.
Keywords and ad copy text should be reflected in the first content a visitor sees when entering your landing page. Typically, keywords with a strong CTR will carry a strong Quality Score, which makes improving CTR a key area to focus on when optimizing QS. For those who already have strong keyword lists, ad copy writing is the next thing to focus on. Keywords are your audience targeting so bidding on the right keywords can make or break the performance of your PPC campaigns.
Although it shouldn’t be used as a standalone key performance indicator, QS can help you evaluate the relevancy and overall health of your PPC account and should be monitored closely.
We took a little break from writing updates last week but our communities have been busy in the meantime! It’s difficult to tell, but fun to wonder – what would a mobile only search index look like? Something they can execute, or show, or talk about in a real way that impacts their marketing?
Tools like Google Analytics give us detailed information about not only what sources are driving the most traffic to our site, but also the quality of that traffic. It’s called auto tagging and I highly recommend turning it on for just about everyone. But measuring a user’s emotional engagement with a written post, or a video, or a specific product requires that we go beyond surface metrics like searches, clicks, and time on page. I would certainly NOT go and implement sitewide changes to your site based on this or recent posts.

After logging into an account and navigating to the keywords tab, hover over the white speech bubble in the status column of your keyword. If people who see an ad click it at a high rate, that indicates to Google that the ad fulfills a searcher’s need.
When the keywords you bid on closely relate to the ad triggered, there is a better chance they will relate to the user’s search query. Advertisers looking to rank in the top positions in the search results while not paying a premium should focus on achieving high Quality Scores.
Additionally, by creating highly relevant ads and landing pages, conversion rates will increase anyway. However, monitoring QS across a PPC account can be a good diagnostic tool when looking at overall performance.
When I first started looking at this, back in 2012, there was already a lot of discussion happening around the topic of mobile.
Now, we talk about the other ways in which people can use and discover our apps — such as app indexation and app streaming. This means the number of people who view mobile as their primary web device has doubled in just 2 years, and we have every reason to believe that this trend with continue.
This is particularly noticeable on editorial sites, where an ad-revenue business model leads to lots of different elements required to load a page, despite the actual content being fairly lightweight. The card-style layout, which makes the distribution of content easier on a variety of different screen sizes and types:2. If a keyword’s QS is too low (2 or less), an ad might not be eligible to show at all. To learn more about account structure, check out this post that outlines how to construct a successful PPC account. Target your keywords well by bidding first on exact and phrase match keywords before deciding to widen targeting to broad match.
For tips on creating successful ads check out this post on tips for writing great PPC ad copy. For tips and tools on how to perform successful PPC keyword research, check out this post with 8 free keyword research tools for PPC advertising.
Urchin was a web analytics program acquired by Google back in 2005, which marked the beginning of GA.
You need to empower the tool by setting up proper tracking parameters for all your marketing campaigns. Your Quality Score is then combined with your maximum cost-per-click bid to determine your Ad Rank. By working through Quality Score best practices, advertisers should see an increase in the performance statistics they value most. Google announced that they saw a 4.7% increase in the number of mobile-friendly sites in the two months between announcing that the update was coming and when it actually rolled out. In turn, those ads should direct visitors to a landing page experience that relates to their search query. Basically, the landing page should fulfill the needs the users are searching for when they originally performed their search query.
Using broad match modifiers (+) can also give you some added control and ensure that your ads aren’t triggered by unqualified search queries. As Google continues to evolve and expand to new interfaces, such as the Google assistant and Google Home, we want to make it easy for publishers to integrate and grow with Google. The new car, the camper-trailer, the jet-skis, naming rights to the next planet…everything. It has to be a truly useful set of tools that fit our lives and bend to our moods, good and bad. The desired action should also be obvious when they first land on the page, which may be to make a purchase, complete a lead form, or call your sales team. We launched a new report in Search Console to help developers confirm that their rich card markup is valid. The new Search Appearance filter also makes it easy for webmasters to filter their traffic by AMP and rich cards. This insight kickstarted our efforts to use real-time indexing to connect users searching for real-time events with fresh content. Instead of waiting for content to be crawled and indexed, publishers will be able to use the Google Indexing API to trigger the indexing of their content in real time.
3: Getting up to speed with Accelerated Mobile Pages We provided an update on our use of AMP, an open source effort to speed up the mobile web.
Speed is important---over 40% of users abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load. We announced that we’re bringing AMPed news carousels to the iOS and Android Google apps, as well as experimenting with combining AMP and rich cards. And whether you came in person or tuned in from afar, let’s continue the conversation on the webmaster forum or during our office hours, hosted weekly via hangouts-on-air.

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