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We've been seeing our consultant every 2 weeks for scans and monitoring, but now I'm past 24 weeks, we'll only be seeing her every 4 weeks until we feel comfortable enough not to have anymore. I've been feeling kicks from 17 weeks but they're getting stronger each week - enough to knock things off my tummy if I'm resting anything there! However, my wife can do a number of things to improve the probability of giving birth to a healthy baby.
During pregnancy, babies develop a very active mental life where their brain is creating 8,000 neurons per second. One of the primary functions of stress is to redirect the energy within the body to cope with problems. Remember, physical exercise helps reduce stress, make the mother and baby happier, reduce labor pains, control blood sugar, increase mental functioning, improve rest, and improve overall health in many countless ways. You probably already know that life is not all about sunshine and rainbows, there are challenges that you have to deal with every single day.
Try to eat less fish unless you can find some from deep, cold water where purity can be better.
Evita Ochel (natural health and optimal nutrition expert) suggests that all of the typical prenatal vitamins sold at stores like Materna are poor in quality and full of synthetic vitamins and minerals, fillers, and colors. Most important of all, remember to eat lots and lots of vegetables, especially organic greens! There is as much as a 70% reduction in the rate of neural tube defects when a woman supplements with 400 a€“ 600 mcg of folic acid.
Food manufacturers have considered fortifying their foods with folic acid but this has been discouraged because research is indicating that too much folic acid (over 1000 mcg) may increase the risk of cancer.
Extra dietary calcium is not needed because the body increases its ability to absorb calcium during pregnancy.
Adequate fluid consumption is important to help prevent constipation and premature contractions.
Brain Rules For Baby - Through fascinating and funny stories, Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and dad, unravels how a childa€™s brain developsa€”and how you can optimize it.

Getting pregnant for the first time can be exciting and scary at the same time.  And it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends and family members decide it’s their responsibility to share the “wisdom” they’ve collected throughout the years. While some of that “wisdom” can be useful, I found some of it intrusive and even a few tidbits downright bizarre.
So put your feet up, relax, and have a little giggle.  And if you’ve heard any particularly funny pregnancy myths…please share!!
You will gain one shoe size for each baby (this was actually partly true for me…I went up a half size total – I had 2 babies). If you mix your urine with Drano and it turns bluish brown, you’re having a boy.  If it turns greenish brown, you’re having a girl.
At this point, PPROM, which led to their premature birth, is no longer such a concern, so that at least is some comfort and our anxiety has lessened somewhat. Sometimes little bubba has a very energetic kicking session, other times it's slow rolls and stretches which is a more strange sensation.
Not so much for the information part, as I've already experienced labour and birth, but to meet some other couples in our area as we don't know anyone else with babies and we've heard good things about long lasting friendships developing. And what a gorgeous shape you have!We have decided not to do NCT as it's quite expensive and meeting people all depends on the group you join. After doing my own research through various scientific sources, I found a few practical steps you can take to make sure that you will have a healthy child. Having lots of friends on Facebook and posting messages online is not a meaningful way to build a network. It is very important that you learn to become more flexible and manage your own stress to overcome personal and relationship challenges. Doctors may start a female on pre-natal vitamins before she is pregnant to help make sure the mother is in optimal health when conceiving.
A lot of fish on the market is tainted with too many chemicals such as mercury and PCBs that are too much of a risk today for a developing fetus. The neural tube closes before the first trimester ends, which is why nutritional guidelines for all women in their child bearing years should recommend taking a folic acid supplement or a multivitamin.

If many foods are fortified, it might be easier than you might think to consume too much folic acid. Medina, a developmental molecular biologist suggests that in the earliest stages of pregnancy babies mostly want to be left alone.1 This means that the mother must make sure that her emotional and physical well-being are taken care of.
Because the baby is directly connected to the mother, what happens to the mother happens to the baby. Connect with people you care about in person, talk to them live using Skype if they are away, and focus on the quality of the relationship.
6 However, taking multivitamins does not mean that you will have a healthy baby if you continue to eat junk food. Plus, isolated nutrients, especially in synthetic form, do not have the same benefits as when they come to us as part of whole, natural foods. But speaking to other bereaved mothers I know it's normal to hold off on buying things, so I'm glad we've finally been able embrace this part earlier than I expected. If you want your child to have a healthy body, well balanced temperament, and a high IQ, you need to maximize the mother’s peace and quiet.
Medina recommends that during pregnancy the mother should eat right, stay fit, and really take care of her well-being in general. Compassion, kindness, sincerity, and real interaction are the qualities that you should be looking for. You have to learn about healthy nutrition and get essential nutrients from natural sources. The baby WILL come with you, to your house, to your family, to your hearts, start beliving it!

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