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Taking care of infants can be one of the most challenging jobs at times, especially because they are unable to communicate their problems effectively. Some of the feeding bottles have bigger holes, which results in air going through them to the stomach of the baby. In the initial months, babies often get hiccups due to being over-fed.  Feeding your baby after regular intervals and according to a proper schedule can help you save your child from many small problems, which include hiccups. There is a school of thought which believes one should not feed a baby at the times of hiccups. Watching your newborn baby's body shake up with virulent hiccups can be a scary sight for any mother or father. All parents are extremely possessive about the health of their babies and are rightly not prepared to take risks most of the times. Gas does get created in the stomach of the babies more frequently, which results in hiccups.
As compared to the adults, babies swallow air easily while eating or drinking, which results in hiccups.
If your baby is having hiccups, add a teaspoon of anise seeds into a cup of boiled water and feed the baby two or three teaspoons.

Gripe water is a safe and effective way of getting rid of discomforts and often work to stop hiccups as well. However, that is not true and you do not need to delay the feeding process of your baby due to hiccups.
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Hiccups are extremely common in young babies and they often come without any prior trigger. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and be sure to keep a loot out for the second HTTYD in theaters June of 2014. However, it is most likely that the hiccups will be cured through anise seeds in the first attempt.

However, hiccups are not dangerous at all and are not a medical emergency by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know if I should actually make too many lessons on the new dragons from the sequel because as of right now I'm not sure which will be popular and which will not. A muscular spasm in the diaphragm obstructs the passage of air from your trachea or wind wipe. Cloudjumper is going to be one of the more popular ones because of his background and look. He is going to be Valka's dragon, and Valka is also a new character in part 2 that Hiccup admires because of her bond with her dragon. Anyways, whether you know of Cloudjumper or not, this Stormcutter (his species) should be fun to recreate.

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