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I am guessing you are reading this post because you either follow me already (I LOVE YOU BTW) OR you are looking for birthday ideas for your little one. Hot Air Balloon - Inspired again by Pinterest, I set out to recreate this mini hot air balloon. Flower Headband - Another Etsy find and Kaelani amazingly wore it the entire length of the party. Favorite Things Chalkboard Canvas - Probably something I will never use again BUT I still LOVED it. Custom Doc McStuffins Cake Topper - I was not blown away by the quality on this one (I think I was expecting more vibrant colors) but I thought it served its purpose.

Desktop Plaque of Baby's Monthly Photos - And as I mentioned in my last baby post, I ordered this plaque on Shutterfly to display her monthly baby photos. Shop All American Baby Boutique for every style of Couture Girls Tutus and Crochet Baby Tutu Dresses. Our boutique specializes in dress up clothing, outfits and accessories for photographers, pictures, birthday parties, weddings and special occasions.
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