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The interior designer created an inviting and cozy yet luxurious baby nursery with muted tones. The blurb about Mariah Carey made me really excited, especially since in one of my design classes we learned about her interior designer. Design InspirationPinterest and Project Nursery were HUGE when searching for inspiration and ideas. Decorating StyleI love incorporating vintage elements such as old picture frames with modern colors and patterns such as the Chevron patterns. Lamp: Home Goods, The lamp shade was orange stripes so my Mom recovered the lamp shade using extra fabric.
I did the whole room for probably close to $850 and that included the glider ($300) and the Crib ($250). Design focal point to be noted about this elegant blue room is rich quality touching uncomplicated design theme and material selection.
This dramatic special design baby room for girl we think successfully mixing smart room girl design plan, fantastic design fleeting look, element choice, powerful representation of ornament decoration and design idea organization. Current girl bedroom design overview universally was grant unexpected ambiance to environment neighboring which is deformed with complex design. Design meeting point to be noticed about this neat girl bedroom idea is restful tone touching unrefined design theme and substance choice. Current blue bedroom design outline universally was bring singular ambiance to environment neighboring which is created with stylish design. This lovely special design looking baby girl bedroom decorating we think successfully mixing smart girl bedroom decorating design plan, amazing design look, material range, influential typical of ornament decoration and design theme harmonization. The girl bedroom designer effectively put in a group extraordinary visualization harmonization into a union to generate stunning girl bedroom.
Recent blue purple girl room design impression generally was bring dissimilar mood to environment surrounding which is fashioned with advanced design.

Creative blue little girl bedroom transport successful highlight involve color spreading, component connection, blending design association and design plan idea, which the all feature unite simultaneously to make beautiful blue girl bedroom. This inspiring blue bedroom for teenage girl idea we think efficiently mixing smart blue bedroom girl idea design plan, lovely design look, resources alternative, dominant characteristic of enhancement decoration and design idea supervision. If you are one of them , here are some creative ideas that can be usefull , so that you could set a beatifull baby shower party. It’s difficult to design a shared room for a boy and a girl and have it come off this stunning!
Now if I go look up the name in the lecture notes and there is a question on the test about it I will surely get it right!
The first thing I knew I wanted was the Chevron pattern and then I decided on the Gray and Aqua color palette. I love that you were so inspired by Pinterest and project nursery during the planning process. The four main walls were painted with the Refreshing pool and the wall areas inside the bay window were the Glacier Bay by Behr. I was wondering where did you get the vintage alarm clock… I would like to put one of those in my nursery.
I too want to stick on a TIGHT budget as it is my third but I still want a special room for baby.. While the layout and color choices are beautiful, chevron is SO overdone, it looks so outdated dated already and there is way too much of it in this room. I would suggest maybe adding some pops of white in the bedding or in other elements to brighten things up. We all love them very much , so in their hornor most mothers make baby shower parties to wish them welcome in their common home. Pinterest and Project Nursery were instrumental in helping me find the inspiration I needed.

Lucky for me those two colors as well as the Chevron pattern are pretty popular this year so I was able to find lots of fun accessories and everything else I painted to match. I knew I wanted this type of clock but I was surprised at how hard it was to find in my colors.
I see you have two listed, but I can’t tell a difference in the pictures of two colors.
In the end I do love what I selected although I might have gone for a brighter blue on the Crib Skirt Pattern.
You can create imagination for babies through the fancy wall decorated like in the jungle with some animals, so from they are babies they know about some animals. But Carousel Designs are fabulous they let you create a virtual bedding collection online and you can mix and match the fabrics and choose different colors. It came our pretty close to what I envisioned from the beginning and I couldn’t be happier!!
You can also hang pictures on the bedroom wall in order to make baby see and familiar for beginning learning. I created an inspiration board and began searching for the perfect pieces for my dream nursery. For girl baby you can design the wall with some hearts form with pink curtain and pink theme, it will looks more girly. My budget was pretty tight so I decided to invest in a couple of items and the rest would be a combination of DIY Projects, Thrift store finds and gifts from friends and family.
My mother and I both created artwork for the room and just about everything had a personal touch which was really special.

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