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I have to agree with Jessica on this – a bit sad and unfair thing to do to your child. I love Xiomara, expecially because you have an ethnic connection to the name and like what it means. I don’t mind it, but it must really piss teachers off (having an unpronounceable name).
I am a woman, my fathers name is not Ken, I am not Chinese (Kin-lEE.) People have taken the wrong impression for years about my name. I, sometimes, feel like people put a little too much effort into trying to come up with a unique baby name, only to disregard their child’s potential experience with it.
The X in Xixi threw me a bit, because I’ve had a number of Asian students over the years with names that start with X, and the pronunciation of that as a first letter varies a great deal.
As long as the parents prepare themselves to spend a lot of time correcting people on pronunciations and spelling (and don’t get mad when people ask!) then name the child whatever. I'd also add that a sense of place and history is worth more to a child than feeling better equipped to fight for space in the mainstream structure.
Chimere, whether you believe it or not, Africans are viewed very differently from people know as African Americans.
If your your so american why do you use a Germanic name?Go back a few centuries and pick yourself an English name.Go further back in time and pick a native american name for yourself. Jason Belchman So I guess, you would say you are not European anymore, but you are American, is that correct?
Chrisguy Oliveira Let me also add, when I aquired the name Nzingha, I had no idea what country in Africa Nzingha was from, years later, I learned, Nzingha was from Ndongo (Angola) where many African people were kidnapped, and brought to a part of the US my parents were born and raised.
I have no desire to give my children a bland, common name for the sake of other people’s pronunciation skills.
I grew up with a horrible last name that caused me to not get picked for things bc the name was too hard to pronounce. If not the name, then the spelling, it’s popularity, their forseeable popularity and even down to their employability.
True, we picked a unique spelling AND pronunciation of a pretty common name, so we were asking for it. My guess on pronunciation woudl have been zee-oh-mara, but in my defense, its only one sound off the reall pronunciation.

I once heard that when you’re picking a baby name you should introduce yourself as that name once or twice to see how it feels and how people react, which I think is pretty cool advice. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. Instead of Aztec names like Xochitl and Coatlicue, which I had no idea how to pronounce myself but were guaranteed to give us beaner status, we settled on Xiomara.
Working in the nicu i’ve seen babies leave with horribly spelled names that are spelled like an STD but pronounced differently.
It’s one of the 4 basic colors of printer ink (the other three being black, yellow, and magenta).
I like Xixi, it’s pretty, but I would never in a million years have guessed that you pronounce it See-See. Shae, Shay, and Sade are all popular names for many of the children in my particular area, but Shade was my grandfather’s name, and I wanted to use it somehow. It’s up to us, as the parents who named them, to help them to understand and love their names. My own last name is pronounced a bit differently from what the spelling suggests, so I like to give the students the chance to show me the right way, then it’s on me to practice getting it right! I know several adult men with the name, but I haven’t run across any little boys named Kurt besides my own. Her lavishly decorated tomb, QV66, is the largest and most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens.
The irony of this is, she might become so frustrated with people butchering her name, Xiomara just might find herself ready for battle, literally. But see-see is easy enough to pronounce and remember that people should have problems with it more than once.
My husband and i wanted unique but not hard to pronounce name for our 6 week old daughter we choose Aria (R-E-AHH) and you would not believe how many people mispronounce it R-EH-AHH and even AREA are things we get. Sure, they are different, but they both have meanings behind them and that is what is important.
Occasionally people ask if it’s pronounced TIE-in, but hey, my name is Sarah and people occasionally pronounce my name wrong… seriously! The only drawback is that he wants a water bottle with his name on it, and we can’t find one.

Most people of color can't find Africa on the map and know even less about the history.
Ramesses also constructed a temple for her at Abu Simbel next to his colossal monument here. We looked into famous artist names for inspiration, but since we already had a Diego and I wasn’t interested in a Vincent, Pablo, Gustav, Salvador or Egon, that was taken off the table. Amazing how people can completely butcher and destroy a phonetically simple three syllable name SA KO NA.
And just think, when she gets a job, if peopel can’t pronounce her name they will just have to call her Ms.
Hubs and I named our son after my maiden name but because no one has ever heard of it as a first name it is always mispronounced. I loved the trendy names but couldn’t stomach the thought of him being one of 6 kids in his class with the same name.
My one annoyance with parents who choose to give their children unique names is their typical lack of patience with folks who don’t get it right. It’s a small price to pay, IMO, for him to not be one of three or four kids in his class with the same name.
Just as an Aztec name such as Xiomara goes with a last name like Cortes but not so much if it was a long, Russian last name like Baryshnikov.
I know that should we ever have a girl her name will NEVER be pronounced correctly because the name we want to use has a traditional Irish spelling that looks nothing like how it is pronounced. Kids will always find something to pick on… Oh and I love the names Xiomara and Cyan! I have no problem with people naming their kids names such as Ava or anything ending in -aiden, but to say someone is horrible for naming their kids differently is just plain rude. He said it was a family name, and when asked about the meaning, he said, it doesn’t mean anything, someone in the family made it up and it got passed around.

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