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This afternoon I walked in after going to one of my biweekly non-stress tests and set my purse down on the couch.
This was supposed to be your 36 week letter, but, well, your mommy's been busy-slash-a-slacker this week. Quite a while ago, the kids received a gift from their grandparents of this butterfly kit and a voucher for ordering the caterpillars. Today I'm 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant, which means that tomorrow you will be officially considered full term! Considering that I'm now clocking more than two and a half months of timeable "pre-labor" contractions, that is pretty impressive.
Last weekend I definitely "dropped," and now you're sitting so low that every time I sit normally (i.e., with my thighs at a right angle to my torso) I worry that I'm literally folding you up! I can't wait to hear your cry for the first time, to hold you in my arms, and to finally get to see your precious face in something other than black-and-white.

For the most part, people have been really nice and still telling me that I "look cute" and "carry well," even as my belly reaches new levels of enormousness. You're still growing like a weed, and I have a feeling that that cute little newborn-sized outfit that we'd planned to bring you home in just might be too small by the time you make your appearance! You're definitely a tall baby, and you like taking up every bit of your room to do some nice stretching.
Although this month's 3D ultrasound wasn't quite as spectacularly clear as last month's, it still had both the sonographer and the doctor exclaiming over your precious little face and adorably chubby cheeks. Even though your head is so much lower now, you still sometimes will work your feet all the way up to the bottom of my rib cage!
I said that I might as well be, if you consider that I have a big baby in there and practically a baby's worth of extra fluid, also!

This one was a little less clear because the cord was in front of her face and distorting the image, but still good!Stacey - I know! My doctor was out of town last week and begged me not to have the baby, but I told CK that he's back now so she can come whenever she feels like it!

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