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Pat and Pattie recommend reading OUTSMART YOUR CANCER: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work! All profits from My Cancer Store support Pat and Pattie's efforts to help cancer patients live longer and better lives.
Apparently, researchers expect aspirin to work against most cancers.  But some cancers are easier quantify than others, so the emphasis was on easy-to-track cancers like colon and prostate. Hope the data holds-up!  I heard an interview with a media medical expert tonight who expects drug companies to try and develop an aspirin substitute.  More about that tomorrow.
To be fair, there are risks to using aspirin daily that could be improved upon.  Just hold-on to your checkbook! Bottom line:  If a baby aspirin can really help, get the OK for your doctor and start right away! Despite their harmless looks, tomatoes have always been a major headache for gardeners all over the world since time eternal. After the discovery, scientists have advised gardeners growing tomatoes to spray their plants with a solution that contains aspirin or to soak the seeds in an aspirin solution before sowing them. According to a recent study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, spraying aspirin can help to reduce blight by as much as 47%.
According to a study that was published in the Annals of Applied Biology, what makes an aspirin so special is that it contains an ingredient known as Salicylic acid, an acid that helps to create a form of resistance against insect and microbial attacks. These studies have gone a long way in helping people around the world to fight the destruction caused by blight and to ward off other diseases and problems that tomatoes are prone to.
However, you need to understand that this solution is only considered to be effective if implemented before the onslaught of blight.
This NEW Aspirin tablet technology relieves pain twice as fast as previous Aspirin tablets1. With new Micro Active technology, Aspirin, the most widely used medicine in the world is now twice as fast as previous Aspirin tablets1. All the power of Aspirin is available in a convenient, versatile form that dissolves in the mouth without water. The power of aspirin with vitamin C is an effective headache, pain, sore throat and fever fighter that can also help your body recover from a cold. Combines the nasal decongestant pseudoephedrine with the pain-relieving and fever-reducing power of Aspirin.

Prevent heart attacks and recurrent clot related strokes with this low-dose Aspirin product that’s easy on the stomach. With new Micro Active technology, Aspirin , the most widely used medicine in the world is now twice as fast as previous Aspirin tablets1.
Combines the nasal decongestant pseudoephedrine with the pain-relieving and feverreducing power of Aspirin. Bayer Consumer Health is not responsible for the content presented by any independent website, including any advertising claims, special offers, illustrations, names or endorsements.
Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks are owned by Bayer HealthCare LLC or licensed for its use. Proof: when people that are allergic to aspirin eat such foods, they get a similar reaction as when they take aspirin. Perhaps daily low-dose aspirin in our food will also help us to prevent some health problems. Salicylates have anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect - preventing blood coagulation and thrombosis, inflammation and relieves pain. A former bodybuilding star from New Zealand wanted to build muscles fast and he started to use steroids . They seem to be extremely prone to all sorts of pests and diseases and for wilt and blight. This helps the tomato plant to ward of blight, a disease so devastating that it can destroy all your crops in a matter of days. This is especially important after those wet summer rains as the wind carries spores that can strike almost immediately and destroy all your crops. The study also states that Salicylic acid is particularly effective assisting plants that belong to the nightshade family in fighting diseases and attacks. This study found that salicylic acid did not just assist the tomato plants by protecting them from diseases, it also helped them to increase their yield by a substantial margin.
Once your plants do get infected, the only solution left for you is to pull them out and dispose them off. Check out their new website and learn how Aspirin is an effective treatment for pain, headaches and can even help prevent heart attacks! So the Allergists warn people who are sensitive to aspirin to avoid foods rich in salicylates, because they are the ingredients of aspirin.

These natural medicines could be one reason why some plant foods protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer, experts say. However, scientists have discovered a way to get rid of all these problems with a simple and effective solution. Salicylic is a major multitasker, it is also an effective ingredient commonly used to treat a variety of skin care issues, especially acne. A research paper that was published in the International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences further confirmed that by spraying an aspirin mixture on the plants or by soaking the seeds in aspirin solutions leads to a higher Vitamin C content and greater growth.
Applying an aspirin solution can also help you to boost the growth and productivity levels of your tomato plants. Not all products discussed on this site may be available in your country and local prescribing information and approved indications may differ from country to country. On the other hand, scientists are interested in the possibility that salicylates in foods, provide some kind of protection as aspirin provides.
Foods rich with natural aspirin(salicylates)are blueberries,  cherries, dried currants, curry, dry dates, pickles, licorice root, prunes and raspberries. What makes this discovery so surprising is that it was lying around almost each and every house for generations. According to Rebecca Brown, a professor working on plant sciences at the University of Rhode Island, you should be adding about 500mg of crushed up aspirin to 4.5 liters of water and then spraying them on your tomato plants 2 – 3 times every month. Moderate amounts of salicylates include almonds, apples (especially the variety Granny Smith), oranges, peppers (sweet and hot), dates, plum, pineapple and tea.
According to research, aspirin is the ideal way of ensuring that your tomato plants grow up to become strong and healthy.
It appears that the preservation and heating will not cause salicylate concentration to change.

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