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Muscles of good tone are more elastic and will regain their farther strength more efficiently and more quickly after being stretched than muscles of poor tone. The ligaments around the pelvis stretch and no longer give such firm support to the joints, the muscles become the second line of defence helping to prevent an exagerated pelvic tilt and the unnecessary stress on the pelvic ligaments. All abdominal contractions should be performed with an exhalation so that intra abdominal pressure is minimized. Repeat with other leg breathing should be coordinated with the exercise, so that abdominal contractions occur with inhalations.
This exercise can be performed with both legs at the same time only if abdominal muscles can maintain the pelvic tilt through the entire exercises. Quadruped (on hands and knees) instruct the mother to perform a posterior pelvic tilt while keeping her back straight, have her draw in and tighten the abdomen and hold, then relax and perform an anterior tilt through partial range.
Pelvic tilting is useful in strengthening abdominal muscle tone and in reducing low back pain due to postural changes that commonly occurs as the uterus enlarges. Slowly the woman decreases the lumbar: curve by tilting the pelvis to press the small of her back against the floor while simultaneously tighten her abdominal and buttock muscles.
This exercise should be repeated several times, it can also be done in a standing position using a wall as the flat surface. Breath in and out then pull in the lower part of the abdomen below the umbilcus while continuing to breath normally.

3)     Push out, Pull in :- Pull up entire pelvic floor as though trying to suck up water into vagina. The circulation during pregnancy particularly the venous return, is sluggish and this can lead to problems such as cramps, varicose veins and oedema.
Bend and stretch the ankles at least 12 times circles both feet at the ankle at least 20 times in each direction. Listen into your breathing concentrating especially on the outward breath naturally follows. A big salute to motherhood, for having us all in your wombs and helping us arrive safe in this world. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a number of significant changes that have an impact on fitness and training. Exercise prescription varies within each trimester and so, after an initial consultation and assessment, we can offer a suitable programme which is uniquely tailored to the needs and condition of the mother. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Good time to practice is during trips to the bathroom, but additional practice at other times is even more beneficial. Although a lot caution and physical strain has to be reduced during these periods, it is also necessary to keep your health in check with a few Antenatal exercises that would benefit both you and the baby.

Health experts state that swimming makes a woman feels weightless although she is a pregnant. It is essential that, whilst we attempt to maintain a positive level of fitness and exercise for the mother, we protect the foetus and the mother’s body. This tones the deep transverse abdominal muscles which are the main postural support of the spine and will help to prevent back ache in future. Simple exercises can help pregnant women counter problems like mood swings, aches and pains. Like yoga, stretching must also be accompanied by a cardio-vascular exercise to get maximum benefit.This is one of the antenatal physiotherapy  exercise which means under physiotherapist.
After pregnancy every woman would like to have the same physique they had before pregnancy.
Doing prenatal exercises would help regain the same physique in few months’ time after delivery.

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